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Paradox Publishing BATTLETECH; Backer Beta Next Month

Harebrained Schemes announces a Kickstarter backer beta for BATTLETECH will kick off on June 1st. This comes along with word that they've struck a new partnership with Paradox Interactive, who will publish the mech strategy game. There's a new PDXCON trailer celebrating the publishing deal and a new backer beta trailer featuring some multiplayer gameplay and some harebrained antics from Harebrained Schemes. Here's word on the new deal:
Right now, somewhere in Sweden, BattleTech & MechWarrior creator Jordan Weisman is announcing a partnership between Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive to publish BATTLETECH on PC. As our Backers, we feel itís important that you get this information straight from us before it hits the press, so hereís the deal in a nutshell: Paradox will provide marketing support, localization services, and funds for additional testing in exchange for a cut of the gameís sales. This allows us to focus all our efforts on making a great game while maintaining complete creative control.

Iím really excited that HBS will have the chance to work with Paradox as they are the clear category leader for PC strategy games. We respect the quality and depth of their games and they have lots of players and fans in our studio. Equally important to us is the way that Paradox respects and engages with their community, values we share.
(Plus, theyíre huge fans of our work on the Shadowrun Returns series and are really excited about our game - good qualities in a publisher, right?)


4. Re: Paradox Publishing BATTLETECH; Backer Beta Next Month May 12, 2017, 17:58 Task
Game looks good. The indirect fire looks way too exploitable though and potentially overwhelming, probably going to bring it up on their forum.

Indirect Fire is only supposed to occur when a unit declares it is "spotting" for other units, during a combat turn. A unit that 'spots' does not get to also fire. The way they have it now is any unit is freely spotting while also moving around and shooting at something in LOS. This is especially relevant in 'low-tech' 3025 era. Special Indirect Fire rules and tools come into play with other tech like Narcs, TAG, and C3 Networks.

So really what should be occurring in that video, is when Mitch Gitelman's units have LOS on Mike's units it shouldn't give a free spot without declaring. It would be Mitch declaring a Mech (like say a light, harder to hit) hits a "spot" button (like in MegaMek) on a combat turn. On the next phase, the Mech Mike can't see (the Catapult) will be able to indirectly fire on the "spotted" (painted) Mech unless the other player correctly determines the spotter and somehow knocks it down in time or destroys it.
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