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NVIDIA Flow Video

This video was posted the other day by NVIDIA, so thanks Hypothermia for noticing it. This is a demonstration of NVIDIA GameWorks Flow in DirectX 12, which includes some snappy visuals (but no auto insurance). The description goes into some detail, in case "snappy" was too technical for you:
NVIDIA Flow is a realtime fluid simulation - in this demo, simulating fire and smoke. The simulation is based on an adaptive sparse voxel grid, allowing the simulation to focus compute and memory resources around regions of interest, and track shifts in the region of interest over time.

With the fire, the combustion process is simulated per voxel, generating elevated temperatures and smoke, which influences the visual appearance and produces buoyancy and expansion effects on the fluid simulation.

An adaptive sparse voxel grid is also used to compute self-shadowing on the smoke, increasing both the realism and visualizing the structure of the smoke. The fluid simulation supports real time collision with objects in the environment, along with fuel emitters than can be modified in real time, making the simulation fully interactive.


18. Re: NVIDIA Flow Video Apr 24, 2017, 13:22 Leper
It's not only AMD cards that are adversely affected - it's also older NVIDIA cards. Whenever NVIDIA wants a sales boost, they can add some new useless feature to Gameworks that runs great on their new cards, but poorly on AMD and their older cards. I wouldn't have a problem if all these features were optional, but it's my understanding that they aren't always.  
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