New Paragon Hero

Morigesh is the newest hero in Paragon after a new version .39 update that went live today in Epic's MOBA. In addition to the new hero this includes a revamped jungle and some new visuals. These notes have all the details on the patch, and this post has further details on the visual update and the new jungle landscape. Here's a Morigesh cinematic launch trailer, and here's more on some of the changes:
You may notice a few map changes coming to Monolith with the release of v.39. First, these are not the only map and visuals changes on the way. Improving the visual quality of Monolith will continue in the months ahead but you’ll notice these initial visual enhancements and changes in just a few days.

Some of you on high settings or PS4 Pros will notice foliage growing once again (yay, grass!) Everyone will be able to view the new structural texturing that is more in line with the direction we’re heading. These structural changes will replace the visuals we were temporarily using with the release of Monolith in December.

The other major changes you’ll notice are those in the Jungle. The layout has been redesigned to improve:

  1. Layout flow, jungle camp spacing, and the Amber Link location.
  2. Improve the entrance and exit location readability.
  3. Improve combat spaces, tight corners.

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Re: New Paragon Hero
Apr 4, 2017, 21:24
Re: New Paragon Hero Apr 4, 2017, 21:24
Apr 4, 2017, 21:24
If Epic focused on making a MOBA, instead of focusing on having short match times...the game could be something great.

But sadly, their continued fixation with short matches make this game extremely shallow, repetitive, and boring.

Due to the absurdly long respawn timers, paper structures, and no buyback mechanics you basically farm for 25 minutes to gain an advantage in the team fight that decides the match winner.

Now they've made the team wide Orb Prime buff even more overpowered, so another win condition is basically killing a super weak version of Roshan at 15 minutes and then pushing to an easy win.

Hell, they can't even manage to balance wards, and their RNG card system couldn't be less anti-competitive if they tried.

The queue times have tripled in the past few months, but apparently Epic have seen a massive increase in new players.

Third party sites which showed active player counts as low as 10,000 were 'requested' by Epic to remove them immediately, and now they are warning/banning people from their forum who speak negatively of their game.

Console players with no MOBA experience are the only ones who can save this game now.

So much potential gone to waste.


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