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11. Re: Evening Metaverse Feb 16, 2017, 17:46 Eirikrautha
Beamer wrote on Feb 16, 2017, 10:26:
No one is stopping him from making these jokes, but people are unwilling to keep doing business with him when he is likely to harm their other businesses more than he helps them.

Beamer inadvertently makes a good point (though the opposite of what he thinks it is). The problem here is a problem of perception... just not PewDiePie's. The key is the ratio between who won't buy because of PewDiePie to those who will. The fact is that no one that I have seen has any kind of numbers (that they are willing to share) about this ratio.

The issue today (unlike in the days of business past) is that every decision a company make results in internet butthurt. There is literally no announcement a company can make that won't result in some snowflake somewhere twitter-ranting. The risk-averse decrepit corpses running the vast majority of the gigantic corporations have no idea what "public" approbation actually is on modern social media.

Once upon a time, three dozen paper letters mailed in to a company represented three thousand other people who were angry but didn't have the motivation to write themselves. On twitter, every twit can babble about whatever whine that careens off of their empty heads, only to forget about it five minutes later. It costs nothing to complain, so more complaints are inevitable.

These companies seemingly have no idea what the actual effect of a social media storm actually is. Does it kill your business? Does it spawn the next Chik-Fil-A and double your business (until you fall out of the public eye)? Or is it a tempest in a teapot with no actual sales effect? I don't think they know. They are applying the old model to modern media. They are assuming that PewDiePie will hurt them, when no one who isn't already media savvy has any idea who he is. PewDiePie isn't the only idiot in this situation...
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