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AU Fines Valve $3M

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australian courts hit Valve with a three million dollar (AUD) fine for breach of Australian consumer laws. At issue is the company's failure to offer refunds for purchases on Steam, which are required in the country by law. According to the report the fine is higher than expected because of a lack of interest in Australian laws and a lack of cooperation with the subsequent investigation. Here's word on the decision:

"Valve is a United States company with 2.2 million Australian accounts which received 21,124 tickets in the relevant period containing the word "refund" from consumers with Australian IP addresses," Justice Edelman wrote in his judgement.

"Yet it had a culture by which it formed a view without Australian legal advice that it was not subject to Australian law, and it was content to proceed to trade with Australian consumers without that advice and with the view that even if advice had been obtained that Valve was required to comply with Australian law the advice might have been ignored."

A court found in May that Steam's website breached Australian Consumer Law because it stated consumers were not entitled to a refund and had no access to minimum quality guarantees.

Steam must now introduce a compliance program and place an notice in size 14 type on its Australia website informing consumers about their rights.

44. Re: AU Fines Valve $3M Dec 24, 2016, 04:38 verybad1
Kxmode wrote on Dec 23, 2016, 20:51:
RedEye9 wrote on Dec 23, 2016, 20:08:
I look at it like this: When you put a full 43 hours into a game, you no longer qualify for a refund. No matter how bad the game sucked. Nono

You're entitled to your point of view but I respectfully disagree.
So if you eat a pizza, crap it out, then decide two day's later that you didn't "really" like it, do you deserve a refund?

Fact is, somebody spent time making something, if it's utter crap, and doesn't work, then yeah, refund. But if it essentially works, and you didn't get what you THOUGHT it was going to be because you didn't wait for reviews before buying *meh* not really sorry for you.

If someone got 43 hours of game time for a $50.00 or so for the game, them they got a good deal versus other forms of amusement.
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