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Saturday Metaverse


37. Re: Saturday Metaverse Dec 12, 2016, 09:54 Verno
I think his point was more that you're being selective to suit your view point and I would agree with that. It is kind of strange to say here are 5 examples that scientists were wrong when we have thousands of examples of climate science being accurate. Consensus was long ago reached, we're just quibbling at this point. Saying science and research have to be perfect otherwise we can't trust it is just being silly. It's also important to narrow the scope here. Using examples of predictions about natural gas are flawed because new techniques and exploration have revealed new sources of it. We probably won't find new sources of ice in the Arctic circle and the growth in Antarctic ice isn't offset by the massive losses there. We probably aren't going to invent a machine to help regulate the temperature of the oceans on a planetary scale any time soon.

I had a look at the Breitbart link posted earlier and wasn't impressed. One of the citations is a contentless blog, another is a birther who has also retracted much of his claims in the past when confronted and it all reads like junk science. One of the citation links had a side bar that claimed arctic ice was increasing 50,000kmē which is frankly nonsense as numerous ice shelf studies have shown.

I'm a fairly Conservative voter and this shit is embarrassing. Climate change is real and we need to address it. We've been here before. I remember there was all sorts of denial from industry about the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica which was caused by widespread use of CFCs. Back before the internet they took out advertisements and tried to lobby politicians. We ignored the shit from industry and our leaders pressed on, decades later its finally starting to heal due to decisive action. Now we've discovered that some of our actions are again harming the planet which could in turn hurt our way of life in the future. It makes perfect sense to address them now and minimize the impact later. It's frustrating that there is even controversy about this, we know it to be true and people are quibbling about whether it was warmer in their neck of the woods or not last year as if that proves or disproves anything. I hate it when people cast you into the far left about this too. I don't give a shit about making life better for the dolphins, I do care about the massive impact this will have on business in the future.

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