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Saturday Metaverse


25. Re: Saturday Metaverse Dec 11, 2016, 11:05 Retired
Cutter wrote on Dec 10, 2016, 10:58:
And some of those motherfuckers have the gall to complain they're not making enough? Fuck off and die. Seriously.

Protip: If you're letting someone pressure you into doing something stupid enough to kill you, they aren't the problem.

Nice one WC, like it, like it!

They make money doing literally NOTHING. None of us did it because we have morals and believe we should be contributing members of society.

How awesome their life is they have to complain about working 2 hours a day and making MILLIONS. boooohoooo.

Mo Money mo problems. I know a hell of a lot of people that make over 1M a year - and honestly, they are some of the most miserable fucking people I know.

/Case in point, I just watched a Tyler Oakley video - and I think I am dumber....more dumb? Fuck....I seriously lost brain cells in those 2 minutes!

Live, for the moment. "The pressure is on for extreme athletes to be constantly producing content, and it's getting some of them killed. Thanks HARDOCP.

Interesting article. It is a strange feeling to no longer be able to produce adrenaline, but at the same time these people are video taping their near death experiences for fame and fortune, or maybe just because.

I dunno....I will get jumped all over if I say much more, but I live in a world where my work puts me at a certain level of hyper vigilance, and the body crashes after 12 hours of being in that state. Days off are tough, even between shifts is tough to "feel normal". Maybe that is what they feel? I dunno. Some of my biggest extreme sports idols are dead - most freak accidents. It is an ok read, but I think it misses the mark as it focuses to much on social media and not the reality of what they go through.

/.//double hell, did that fucking tyler oakley video just make me post my feelings!?

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