Path of Exile Breach Launches

The Path of Exile website announces the launch of Breach, the new expansion for Path of Exile. This is part of Content Update 2.5.0 for Grinding Gears' action/RPG, and includes the launch of the Breach Challenge Leagues. You can find more details on the Breach page and this announcement:
Path of Exile: Breach is a massive game update that includes the Breach League, a new renderer (Direct X 11/64 bit) and numerous other improvements and additions. More information about Path of Exile: Breach can be found at

Path of Exile: Breach has already gotten a ton of praise in early previews. "The Grinding Gear team have a great handle on what the players want and continue to deliver content across all aspects of the game," commented MMORPG

"We're really proud of the Breach challenge league," said Chris Wilson, managing director for Grinding Gear Games. "It creates tense situations where players have to weigh risk vs. reward. We're looking forward to playing it ourselves alongside the community when it launches this weekend."

Path of Exile: Breach Features:

  • Enter the Breach: Tears in the fabric of reality have formed throughout Wraeclast. Engage them to expose an alternate realm and reveal those who dwell there. Slay monsters inside the Breach to keep it open long enough to reap your bounty.
  • Challenge the Breachlords: Deep in the Breach, you may draw the ire of horrific new bosses: Breachlords. The more damage you inflict on them, the more treasure they'll part with during their escape.
  • Conquer a Breachlord's Domain: Among the riches found in the Breach, you may also encounter Splinters. Combine 100 Splinters of the same type together to create a Breachstone. When placed in the Map Device, a Breachstone allows travel into a Breachlord's Domain, the one place where they are truly vulnerable.
  • Treasures of the Breach: Monsters from the Breach drop new unique items that are specific to their Domain. When slain in their Domain, Breachlords can drop Blessings that allow these new uniques to be upgraded.
  • Performance Improvements: Content Update 2.5.0 includes the release of our new 64-bit Path of Exile client that uses DirectX 11. It's a lot faster than the previous version and includes technical improvements such as new fog and cloth physics systems.
  • Breach Supporter Packs: To celebrate the Breach league, we're launching two new Supporter Packs. These exist alongside our current Atlas of Worlds Supporter Packs and feature points, forum titles, portrait frames, a weapon effect, a portal effect and an entirely new type of microtransaction: Cloaks.
  • And Much, Much More! Alongside the Breach league and the new renderer, this update also includes many other changes such as piles of new Unique items, a new Channelling Support Gem, Unique Golem Jewels, a revamped Forsaken Master levelling experience (with many usability improvements) and graphical improvements to early Act One areas.

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Re: Path of Exile Breach Launches
Dec 3, 2016, 13:16
Re: Path of Exile Breach Launches Dec 3, 2016, 13:16
Dec 3, 2016, 13:16
loomy wrote on Dec 3, 2016, 04:43:
this whole game is diablo injected with every drug at once
Indeed it is! I never thought I'd find a way to satisfy my heroin, crack, meth, and rubber cement needs in one place, but Path of Exile is all that and more!

Breach is so fun, too! It's nice to have a challenge league with a really fun gameplay mechanic instead of just a farming mechanic like Essence or Perandus.

Wallshadows wrote on Dec 2, 2016, 23:42:
Got to 49 with my Blade Flurry Assassin.
We're all Blade Flurry Assassins!! I'm only level 30, but I plan to at least try for 24 challenges this league. Also, I was so excited to log in right away and get the nice simple name "Flurio". I've been going around to town folk and saying in Antonio Banderas' voice, "I am Flurio, much blade, so flurry." It really adds to the immersion.
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 Re: Path of Exile Breach Launches
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