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On Overwatch Season 3 Placement

A new video from Our Overwatch looks at the ranking and placement system for Season 3 in competitive Overwatch. The system started out a little wonky, and Blizzard has been tweaking it each season. Unfortunately, on some levels it seems to be getting steadily worse, and the video outlines a system where players are being ranked just as they were last season in spite of how well or poorly they do in placement matches. Blizzard has expressed a desire to make ranks more stable, but the current system makes one wonder why they are bothering with placement matches at all. They also discuss how this impacts the ability of friends to play together, as their group of six who did all their placement matches together ended up split across ranks, and can no longer queue together. As the description of the clip reads: "After season 2 placing and ranking was a broken system we had faith that season 3 would bring better things. However, the first day has showed that the system is very much the same and punishes solo Queue players & sick stacks alike."


5. Re: On Overwatch Season 3 Placement Dec 2, 2016, 17:34 Nimh
descender wrote on Dec 2, 2016, 14:58:
If you've already played 2 full seasons... should 10 placement matches really be making that much of a difference in your ranking at all? Taking the small placement sample over the larger sample of games you've already played seems like bad math to me. They already basically know what your skill rating should be from the hundreds of games you've played... Expecting that to change drastically between seasons seems to be fundamentally misunderstanding what a skill rating tells you. Your current season rank and your skill rating shouldn't be the same number, they should be separate calculations... but your skill rating from the end of one season to the beginning of the next isn't going to change drastically for any reason.

I guess that part of these season resets are just lost on me. You should obviously reset ladder and leaderboard rankings... but that doesn't mean you have to ignore skill ratings you've already collected over a longer period of time.

I think there is something that they're not openly sharing with players. The 'addictive' aspect, for lack of a better term, requires that you think you can be a better player and provides you glimpses of god-like performance on occasion. Placement matches are there to make you try, to pull you in, even though they fully know your play style and ability. I'm not saying this is 100% Blizzard's doing, player talent and character synergies play a huge role also, and they certainly know that also.

It's all just conjecture, but I usually have a feeling that I've just been played after exiting a Blizzard multiplayer title. Uneasy
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