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Op Ed

Cliffski's Blog - Free-Fake News, Games Journalism & the future of online.
"That used to be you. It used to be me. We used to pay through ads, and that got annoying and now we just block them and donít think about it. These days we pay in other ways, maybe through surrendering our personal information to Facebook (who doubtless then sell it), or maybe we pay with our votes. Yup, we pay with our opinions and our freedom of thought. We stopped paying journalists years ago, and never gave a damn about them, which means that we can now hire journalists for dirt cheap. You got a marketing budget of $50k? that will write a LOT of articles, believe me. You have a marketing budget for your oil company of $1billion? How much for the US election campaign?

Journalism is cheap, and we made it so."

20. Re: Op Ed Dec 1, 2016, 07:42 shiho
VaranDragon wrote on Dec 1, 2016, 06:18:
The only one using labels here is you, hence the irony. You posted a link to an article that links to other behavioural research articles to reinforce a belief, sorry your belief, but it does no such thing. It doesn't label people, it doesn't judge, it simply states that older people tend to be more conservative. I don't see anyone being labeled a biggot, or a Nazi or whatever. It doesn't stop you from judging it did. Thats fine, most people judge according to what they believe. You feel threatened, and you resort to hyperbole. But that's also fine.

Oh I read it, and I read it thoroughly. DID YOU? The fact that you're absolutely and totally blind to the bigotry in the article is what's frightening. It is so imprinted in you that you don't even register it as a red flag.

First of all, the article paints a strawman target of what "conservatism" is. It certainly does not represent me as a conservative, or any other conservative I know.

It associates this faux notion of conservatism with broadly painted personal traits, such as being "slower", "more rigid", "less open to new experiences".

Then, it proceeds to use studies which support the fact that people are "slower", "more rigid" and "less open to experiences" with age (DUH), therefore it draws conclusions that they are more "conservative" in the strawman definition of the term.

What is insinuated in this article is that conservatism is product of old age and the associated -mental decline-, and liberalism is a trait of the young people who are open to new experiences, creative and enterpreneural (his words, not mine), and prone to anti-conformist attitudes.

Oh wait, Trump the political outsider, the wildcard, the non-PC, insult-throwing rabble-rouser, the definition of a disruptive rebellious candidate, got 20000 people on his rallies, and destroyed the other candidates. Talk about anti-conformist.

If this article was any indication, we "conservatives" (sigh), would've overwhelmingly propped up Jeb Bush. DOES NOT COMPUTE.

And what of young enterpreneural, creative conservatives who LIKE scuba diving and other adrenal experiences? How does that fit this horrendous series of cliches?

What about the distinction between cultural conservatives and fiscal conservatives? Why does this article pretend to be scientific when it paints a caricature of both parties?

The truth is, the article is mirroring the propaganda that was done to us Pioneers in the Soviet Union. We the young ones are the future, and the shit we're brainwashed with, is the ideology of the future. The "old guard" are untermensch.

Open your eyes, people. If you see nothing wrong with this article, then you're simply on the same wavelength of bigotry as its author.

Former KGB agent Bezmenov described what my former country has done to your country since the 1960s. Unfortunately we now see the fruits of this process. A whole self-supporting ecosystem of lies and destructive beliefs. You should heed the advice from those of us who lived in totalitarian regimes, because you are not immune to this shit at all, and it has you now.

It pains me to see how much the demoralization is thriving in America, outliving the USSR itself.

As Bezmenov said, once the generation has been demoralized, they will ignore any facts presented to them. None of you will even finish watching that 5-minute video, because your programming will resist it violently. Oh, the cynicism boiling up inside you within the first 15 seconds of looking at that "clueless old fart", the sharp comebacks.

There will be more tragically misplaced ridicule in this thread. If it was an exchange between me and one other person, I would've bothered, but that's not what happens on these forums. So I'm leaving this discussion behind once again.

This comment was edited on Dec 1, 2016, 08:13.
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