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Out of the Blue

Today is small business Saturday, which is awesome, because telling someone to get busy with their small business sounds wonderfully dirty. Happy shopping!

R.I.P.: Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies.
R.I.P.: Pauline Oliveros, pioneering avant-garde composer.

Dirty Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: Melee Light. Super Smash Bros Melee homage. Thanks DSOGaming.
Green Ball.
Link: Aliens Inspired Chest Burster Turkey Recipe. Thanks HARDOCP.
Story: Black Friday Violence: 2 Dead in Shootings in NJ and NV.
Science: Alzheimer's prevention: Diets, exercise and drug studies offer hope.
Ant farm takes on a whole new meaning.
Media: ROGUE ONE- A STAR WARS STORY - Official Final Trailer (2016).
Guy Barely Avoids Getting Hit By A Super Low-Flying Jet. Thanks nin.
Honest Trailers - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964).

2. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 26, 2016, 12:53 eRe4s3r
I am just gonna leave this link here

What if jobs are the problem, not the solution

It made me realize that computerization of large portions of jobs may not be as far fetched and far away as I thought, and imo it should be a mandatory read, and should be seen as a new experience, to look at work from an different angle, and to look at the consequence of doing so, so leave your preconceptions about how "work builds character" at the door before entering.

And remember, Asian school children dominate math, but you know what they don't dominate? Cultural development. Those making culture are not the ones acing math and science and culture is what defines a nation, not it's jobs. Shouldn't this mean that we should strife to educate children so they further our culture and society, and not our economy?

Isn't Trump winning the perfect proof? Everyone puts so much value on jobs, everyone is sad and angry they lost their jobs, instead of creating something new out of that, something that does not benefit the economy, but the society of your nation, your neighborhood even, even if it's based on "entitlements" and even if you have to sustain yourself on a slightly lower luxury level... mhh, food for thought.
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