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Out of the Blue

Well, we've had more than our share of excitement here this morning, as MrsBlue ended up in a car accident. She's a little shaken up, but otherwise fine, as is the other driver. That's more than we can say for our car, which is in pretty rough shape. It's now sitting in the auto shop awaiting its fate. I would be surprised if it's not a total loss, as the front wheel and transaxle were hit pretty hard, so the engine at least took a jolt. There's significant body damage, and it looks like every airbag fired off. As I say, she's fine, which is the important thing, and as for lower priority issues, it looks like our insurance should take care of everything. So all-in-all, a stressful incident, but just about every aspect of it could have been far worse, so we're counting our blessings.

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14. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 29, 2016, 15:44 SlimRam
Your car insurance policy is 22 pages long, did you read every word no; only lawyers do that. So when you got rear-ended and you needed a tow your insurance company told you to look at page 5 on your policy. Did it say, "Great news you're covered" on page five? No, it said blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Glad everyone is ok Blue, it's a shame you aren't a Kardashian, then she could have been the Bastille Day driver and just got away with a warning ticket.

Then again you REALLY wouldn't want to be a Kardashian, scratch that.
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