Elite Dangerous Horizons: The Guardians Released

Frontier Developments now offers The Guardians, a new expansion for Elite Dangerous Horizons introducing ship-launched fighters and passenger gameplay to their space combat game. This comes with a version 2.2 patch for Elite Dangerous Horizons and a version 1.7 update for Elite Dangerous, saying these provide quality-of-life upgrades. The Elite Dangerous forums have a complete change log and a new trailer shows things off. Here's word:
The Guardians changes the dynamics of combat, trading and exploration in Elite Dangerous, and unlocks new opportunities for every Commander to enrich their experience in the massively multiplayer galaxy, however they choose to play.

The Guardians offers Commanders the opportunity to install a fighter launch bay in their larger ships and choose from three different fighter craft to gain an edge over their attackers. Commanders can hire NPC (non-player character) crewmates to pilot their ship while flying into combat from the cockpit of their heavily-armed fighter. With a second ship in every fight, now Commanders can take what comes and hit back with double.

Passenger gameplay sees the introduction of individuals and groups of NPCs seeking passage aboard Commanders’ ships, unlocking an all-new career path for the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Commanders can pilot the new Beluga passenger vessel or retrofit their existing craft to transport politicians, VIPs and prisoners across the galaxy for legal and illegal ends. Spectacular destinations await galactic tourists and dangerous challenges await undercover operatives on smuggler’s runs.

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Hey gotta do something during those long FTL jumps.

Haha! Sadly, I ended up working OT and just watching Luke Cage with the wife, while E:D installed. I'll play tonight for sure. That's cool to hear there are more HMD settings now, can't wait to try it out.
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