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Battlefield 1 Trailer

This trailer highlights the single-player campaign in Battlefield 1, DICE's upcoming World War I shooter. The clip offers over 16 minutes of gameplay and cinematics. This appears to be an official release with EA logos and such, but we don't see where it was released, so this may be a leak. The clip shows the operation of various weapons and tanks and shows a personalized death memorial for each time the character you're controlling dies. Thanks Slick.

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2. Re: Battlefield 1 Trailer Oct 2, 2016, 14:24 Slick
So I've found another one, published around the same time, this from (one of my old competitive rivals) xfactor:

The one in the OP has more content though, an extra cut-scene reminiscent of the movie Fury.

Maybe there was an embargo lifted or something? If anyone knows something about this, let us know!

As for my opinions, totally impressed, reminded me of the original Call of Duty games but on steroids. I also really like the death mechanic in that intro, it honestly struck a chord with me. Yes it's a bit schizophrenic jumping between videogame silliness and the hard-hitting realization that there were lots of people who died in that war. But I'd by lying if I said the first time I saw the birth-death dates flash on screen it didn't "get me" somehow.

I was actually watching the SP cinematic trailer lastnight, and I was semi-choking up. I dismissed it as a bit too mushy at first, but upon a few re-watches, it struck a chord. I think I'm just on my period.

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1. Re: Battlefield 1 Trailer Oct 2, 2016, 12:26 McJammiepants
Wow, the campaign actually looks worthwhile! I like the idea of each character having an identity without replenishing health. Certainly removes some of the frivolity of earlier war games; at least with regards to depicting the consequences. Can't wait for the 18th!  
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22 Replies. 2 pages. Viewing page 2.
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