Supreme Ruler Trump Rising DLC Tomorrow

Battlegoat Studios announces Trump Rising, a new DLC pack to be released tomorrow for Supreme Ruler Ultimate, their Windows and OS X RTS game on Steam. As you may have inferred, this plays a trump card ripped from today's headlines with the addition of The Donald to the game. Here's word:
Within the United States, civil unrest fueled by racial tensions reaches even higher than in the 1960's. To China and Russia, the new US President seems so unpredictable and reckless that it seems logical to make a pre-emptive strike rather than wait for him to have a 'bad hair day' and launch a strike against them. In Western Europe, leaders are shaken by their new reality and realize they may have to make concessions to Russia now that America can no longer be relied upon. The European Union itself is in disarray as the UK prepares to leave and forge its own relationships. In Mexico, and even in Canada, militaries are brought to an unprecedented level of readiness over concern of Trump's ambitions.

How will this play out? Will you assume Trump's role as the new US leader and guide America to renewed Greatness? Or will you instead lead another nation and take advantage of a potentially dysfunctional America to further your own ambition?

This DLC adds the following to Supreme Ruler Ultimate:

  • New Sandbox starting on US Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017
  • Updated "Modern World" relationships, leaders, and regional economies
  • Take control as President Donald Trump, or try to minimize the damage as another World Leader
  • Build the Trump Wall - although you may have to pay for it yourself
  • Encourage regional growth with the Trump Tower economic development zones

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Re: Supreme Ruler Trump Rising DLC Tomorrow
Jul 26, 2016, 09:46
Re: Supreme Ruler Trump Rising DLC Tomorrow Jul 26, 2016, 09:46
Jul 26, 2016, 09:46
I like how people constantly fall for the Russian "threat" groupthink. Sounds a lot like projection to me. What is this, the 50s? 1812? 1941? The "bogeyman" under the bed or a Tom Clancy novel wet dream? No, the political circus today was inevitable from unchecked Corruption and I think it's great that game makers, as artists are making fun of it as an outlet like this.

And to the poster below that stated it's only Obama's fault for foreign policy is in my view naive. Obama signs off on what Advisers tell him or suggests, although that's not say he isn't complicit. They groupthink for Presidents, because that's what Technocrats do. They are unelected people that shape Imperial Policy whom Americans have no control over. Just look up Stratfor as an example, they have entire Thesis that sounds like they keep a Gobbels manifesto on their nightstand for bed time stories.
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Re: Supreme Ruler Trump Rising DLC Tomorrow