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Out of the Blue

Yesterday I mentioned possibly changing the time when the Gunnar-man and I take our walks to avoid the heat. Still being on our regular schedule, we then proceeded to go on an adventure that illustrated how changing times would be a problem for Gunnar's social life. As much as I think our walks as a way to get some fresh air and exercise, he thinks we are going to visit his many friends in the neighborhood, and yesterday we had the full treatment, running into a bunch of his human and canine buddies along the way. This includes an adorable pair of toddler twins who eagerly spend some time playing with him when they're in the yard. Yesterday they were out with their nanny, and they were as overjoyed to see Gunnar as he was to see them, serving as a reminder of how important the social side of these walks can be. I guess I'll still take him for easy morning strolls and do something more vigorous after sundown to get some exercise in.

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13. Re: Military Coup in Turkey Jul 15, 2016, 22:01 Task
El Pit wrote on Jul 15, 2016, 17:16:
The Turkish Situation

Any people of any Nation can be brainwashed to believe what the State tells them though.

I'm getting word on other sites, although these claims cannot be verified that people that have Turkish friends (that happen to not like Erdogan) are saying that he may have staged this in order to further consolidate power to make believe it was a so called attack on "Democracy." If true, Erdogan truly does like to imitate certain people of History. Meanwhile SkyNews Live had a Turkish lady on that absolutely believed it was an attack on "Democracy" even though Erdogan in the past has ordered raids on Media centers and arrested people for no other reason than making fun him.

Second point if you want to dig deep down the rabbit hole as I do into geo-politics is the leaked Erdogan tapes from around 2013/2014 in which he and his Inner Circle literally say in their own words that they could take advantage of the situation in Syria by making a False Flag Attack (similar to Hitler's Staged attack on a radio station as an excuse to invade Poland) by using the Turkish Military as pawns, attack their own territory, and claim an outside force did it instead in order to illegally invade Syria. If this thing is not an Erdogan plot, and the Turkish Military really are rebelling, this may be exactly what they are rebelling for, especially after many Generals were allegedly 'purged' to remain loyal to the primary party.
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