American Truck Simulator Scale Change Plans

SCS Software announces plans to make a fundamental change to the underlying scale of American Truck Simulator that will dramatically increase the scope of the transport sim. They say the scale of the game is being changed from 1:35 to 1:20, meaning the roads outside cities will be 75% longer, noting this is the same scale used in Euro Truck Simulator 2. They request patience with this process, as they anticipate it will take several months, but they are optimistic this is the best move for the long term future of the game. Here's an outline of the plan:
Having said all that, perhaps the greatest number of complaints from the players of American Truck Simulator have been related to the scale of the map. Your comments are incredibly important to us, and we listen to as many as we can. As such, we had been pondering internally how to meet your feedback for several months while we finished work on the Arizona DLC, and now we have made up our mind: we are, as a free future update, going to increase the scale of the game world of American Truck Simulator. This update will have many clear benefits for you, such as:

  • Upping the map scale from 1:35 to 1:20, meaning 75% longer roads outside cities
  • Retouching the the existing system of roads and intersections and revisiting the placement of cities and crossroads
  • Focusing on a better sense of scale and distance, more space for large vistas
  • Adjusting the timescale - meaning a slower day/night cycle and longer intervals between when the driver needs to rest and refuel
  • Revamping problematic junctions - no more Interstate intersections!
  • Revamping the driver experience system to more closely mirror ETS2's system
  • More room for densely populated areas in future map expansions

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Re: American Truck Simulator Scale Change Plans
Jun 24, 2016, 20:20
Re: American Truck Simulator Scale Change Plans Jun 24, 2016, 20:20
Jun 24, 2016, 20:20
Good news. ATS never grabbed me quite the way ETS2 did, and I realize now its scale very likely had something to do with it. One of the great joys of EuroTruck Sim was just toddling down the highway for hundreds of miles; its almost Zen-like. I never quite achieved that same feeling in American Truck sim but I assumed it was just because of the way the road-system was designed (with too many intersections and an abundance of overly-curvy roads, driving in ATS required far more concentration, negating the Zen ;-)

Although at the same time, ATS already felt very low on content even with its reduced scale - not enough cities or things to see - so I hope this change won't make the game feel even more sparse.

Some more variety in terrain would be nice too. Almost the entire game is desert (or dry brushland) and honestly, it is not very attractive. It looks like a title from the brown-is-real era of gaming...
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Jun 24, 2016Jun 24 2016
Re: American Truck Simulator Scale Change Plans