Rainbow Six Siege Cheaters to be Perma-Banned

The Rainbow Six website outlines an updated code of conduct for Rainbow Six Siege, establishing a zero tolerance policy for cheating in the multiplayer first-person shooter. They say violators will be permanently banned after a first offense:
The presence of cheating in the game is something we take very seriously, and is a priority on the development team. This update is one step among many that we are working on to better engage with the community on this issue.


Cheating/Modding/Hacking: Player is running a modified or otherwise unauthorized version of the game client or a third party software which provides any sort of unfair advantage (wallhacks, aimhacks…) or causing detriment to other players’ experience: Maximum penalty is permanent ban on first offense.

For more information on this update to the Code of Conduct, and how Permanent Bans will work, please see this FAQ.
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