Star Wars: The Old Republic Mandalore’s Revenge

The Star Wars: The Old Republic website announces the release of Mandalore’s Revenge, the latest content update for the Star Wars MMORPG. This adds new gameplay experiences as well as new content, as explained here:
BioWare™ and Lucasfilm today released the latest chapter in the episodic storyline of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire. Mandalore’s Revenge is available now and gives the Outlander an opportunity to confront Emperor Arcann with an army of ruthless Mandalorian warriors. Enlist the help of the infamous bounty hunter Shae Vizla to seize control of the most powerful armada in the galaxy – the Eternal Fleet. Brave the harsh desert world of Darvannis with your Alliance and survive its brutal enemy forces in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy from the Eternal Empire forever. Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can play Knights of the Fallen Empire beginning with Chapter One: The Hunt through the current chapter, Mandalore’s Revenge, for free* as a Subscriber. Those subscribed by June 1 will also receive the in-game Eternal Empire Speeder mount as part of the Subscriber Rewards Program and Early Access to Chapter 15 coming later this month. To join Early Access, you must be an active Subscriber.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is also introducing new gameplay experiences with this chapter:

New Alliance Mission: Check out the new Alliance mission to recruit the savage Talz warrior, Broonmark, as your Companion. When a galactic diplomat reaches out to you for protection against a bloodthirsty assassin, your mission leads to a culprit seeking vengeance against everything the Republic stands for. New Revenge Cartel Pack: Inspired by the latest Chapter, the new ‘Revenge’ Cartel Market Pack offers players the opportunity to get rare battle items, including the Vaylin-inspired Wicked Huntress Armor, Commander Vizla’s Armor, Colicoid Droid Companion, and much more!

To get more details about the ongoing story of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire, go to:

Read about the Subscriber Rewards Program here:
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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Mandalore’s Revenge
Jun 3, 2016, 18:53
Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Mandalore’s Revenge Jun 3, 2016, 18:53
Jun 3, 2016, 18:53
descender wrote on Jun 3, 2016, 18:27:
Should have been KOTOR3: Mandalore's Revenge. Waste.

Now that Lucas (Georgie) is out of the game, I wish that they would actually drop the whole Old Republic thing entirely.

The only reason it came into existence was that GL was all like "nah I'd rather not have more video games messing with my awesome movies and stuff". Then someone came up with the idea that all continuity concerns could be circumvented by just going really far back in the past of the lore and GL was OK with that.

So now with the iron grip of GL gone, I'd like to see games in the vicinity of our beloved movies. There is still a lot of potential in there. For example, the whole post-RotS Order 66 era would make a great setting for many more games including RPGs.

There is no longer any real need to go 4,000 years back to some stupid Old Republic. You can have as much "old" republic as you want by going back to episodes I to III.
It would also be infinitely more interesting to interact with Qui-Gon, Obi, Yoda and all those muppets than some unknown dumbass called Revan.
Jun 3, 2016Jun 3 2016
 Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic Mandalore’s Revenge