PAYDAY 3 Confirmed; PAYDAY 2 Microtransactions End

PAYDAY developer Starbreeze announces they are now also PAYDAY owner Starbreeze, following the completion of a deal that grants them rights to the series from 505 Games in exchange for a pile of Starbreeze stock. This includes details on how revenue sharing will play out for the series, and that also confirms plans for a third game in the heist series: "Furthermore, 505 Games will retain a 33% revenue share of Starbreeze's net revenues from future sales of PAYDAY 3 capped at 40 MUSD, and after Starbreeze has fully recouped its development and marketing costs." An accompanying post on Steam announces the news along with details on an update 100 for PAYDAY 2 coming this Thursday, revealing that this will end the game's unpopular microtransaction system. Here's an accompanying video and here's word:
Update 100 is here! What a day! Today we talk about update 100 for PAYDAY 2 that is going live on Thursday.

We own PAYDAY again The PAYDAY franchise is ours again and to celebrate it, we’re giving away a community grenade, the skills tree and we’re making the black market free for everyone going forward. Check out the video above for more details.

Continued support 18 more months! We will continue to develop stuff for PAYDAY 2 for another 18 months. We’re excited tol continue working on the game until the end of 2017!

Website with FAQ on Thursday! The website that describes the update in full will go live this Thursday. Up until then, feel free to ask your questions in this here below thread, and we’ll create a FAQ to explain exactly what the changes of update 100 will mean for you.

Ask your questions here:

AMA on on Friday! OVERKILL_Almir, OVERKILL_Joakim, OVERKILL_Hampus and OVERKILL_Jules are doing an AMA on Friday between 4pm-6pm EST. Make sure to pop in and ask all your questions about the skill changes, the black market changes and more.

E3 Teaser!

Last but not least - THANK YOU for your support, thank you for sticking with us through thick and through thin, and thank you for playing PAYDAY 2.

Update 100 goes live this Thursday.

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