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Developer n-Space Closes has word that developer n-Space has closed, following a post on the topic posted in an image on Twitter by artist Ben Leary thanking the company for the classy way the company handled this with their staff (thanks Dahkoht). They have a follow-up from publisher Digital Extremes indicating they plan to continue supporting Sword Coast Legends, the Dungeons & Dragons Lost Realm RPG developed by n-Space. Here's word from Digital Extremes:

"We are deeply saddened by the closing of n-Space. Staying alive as a mid-sized independent developer in the games industry is no small feat. Their passion for creating games never faltered and their dedicated team has ended on the high note of completing the console version of Sword Coast Legends. We are working hard with them to realize as much as we can for their team during this difficult time and encourage players to keep an eye on the official website for more details on the launch of Sword Coast Legends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4."

17. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 13:44 ldonyo
BurntSoul wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 11:58:
You know, I think the reason why Sword Coast Legends devs closed their doors was not because they had a shit game. I believe it was closed due to reviews made by a part of the community that felt/thought they were told one thing about the game and it didn't meet their expectations. Then you have the, 'yeah, me too' crowd that pig pile on top of those initial reviews causing a tipping point where no one will buy the game - merely because the Steam or Metacritic review score was bad. I can understand where they are coming from, but the issue itself became what the game was about to those who don't care to read. In short, a small group of Rabid, very loud fans of D&D (and what they think a D&D game should be) destroyed the chance of the game getting better. The devs in turn made less money than what could sustain themselves and the game in the future. Boom.

If it were advertised without D&D attached to it, the game would have had a much better survival rate and the devs would have probably continued working on it. When you attach D&D to your game, you'd better make it just like the tools in NWN, I guess...maybe they should have developed for another year?

It's too bad, really. The game itself never had any game stopping bugs, the story was good, it has an interesting multiplayer game mechanic that looks like something not seen in many RPGs (an easily accessible, live action dungeon master role using on-the-fly randomized dungeons + tilesets).
I know of at least one game-stopping bug. My wife found it while fighting the humongous spider right before you go into Underdark. As far as I know this has not yet been fixed.

You fight the gigantic spider, then kill off the waves of little spiders. This happens three times, then the large spider is supposed to drop down for the final fight. It drops down, but then goes right back up, never to be seen again. Meanwhile, you're stuck in combat mode until you exit the game. You can re-fight this over and over, you can choose to reset as far back as the game allows, but it always ends the same way once you get this bug. The only option is to start a new game and hope it doesn't happen again.

This comment was edited on Mar 30, 2016, 13:56.
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