Warren Spector Joining Otherside for System Shock 3

Otherside Entertainment announces that famed designer Warren Spector will soon be joining their company, saying that: "Efforts on System Shock 3 will accelerate this year under Warren’s direction, while OtherSide continues working on Underworld Ascendant, the successor to the Ultima Underworld series." This reunites Warren with Paul Neurath, as both were part of the glory days of Looking Glass Studios. "I’m delighted to have Warren stepping up into a director role at OtherSide and helping lead the charge with our innovative approach to gaming," says Paul. "I can think of no one better suited to take on this creative challenge. Warren has changed the industry before and will do so again." Word is he will break on through to the other side following the conclusion of his current teaching duties:
OtherSide Entertainment is thrilled to announce that Warren Spector, one of the leading creative minds in the game industry, will soon be joining the company.

Warren has been a producer, designer, and director behind some of the industry’s most beloved games, including System Shock, Deus Ex, and the Ultima series. He led Junction Point Studios in creating the best-selling Disney Epic Mickey and recently oversaw the Denuis-Sam Gaming Academy post-baccalaureate program at UT Austin.

Warren has acted as a Creative Advisor to OtherSide since the studio’s inception. Following the end of this semester’s classes at UT Austin, he will transition into a full-time position as one of OtherSide’s Studio Directors. Warren will continue to help in a creative capacity on Underworld Ascendant and, later this year, ramp up and lead the team developing System Shock 3.

Warren has a long history working with members of the OtherSide team, having collaborated with founder Paul Neurath on the original Ultima Underworld games, Thief: The Dark Project, and System Shock.
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Re: Warren Spector Joining Otherside for System Shock 3
Feb 17, 2016, 17:28
Re: Warren Spector Joining Otherside for System Shock 3 Feb 17, 2016, 17:28
Feb 17, 2016, 17:28
Squirmer wrote on Feb 17, 2016, 16:19:
It was "one city block", and he said it would be interesting, not the best thing ever.

It doesn't really matter, but I'm pretty sure he said it the way I did, but he did so on the Ion Storm forum once when people were (rightfully) complaining about the prospect of the maps for Ex Deus:IW being tiny and shitty because they had to fit in the shitty 64MB of memory of the shitty Xbox. He was basically going "Oh, the size of the map doesn't matter!"

Except it really kind of did, since most of Ex Deus:IW's maps were... shitty.

He might have changed the saying later.

But I give more credit to Harvey Smith for the "immersive simness" of Deus Ex, so who knows what Spector will do with this game.

Those are fighting words around here... Harvey Smith. Aka Mr "Unified Ammo."

(Though I'll give him credit for Dishonored, as Dishonored is pretty awesome.)

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