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Eagle Flight Announced

UbiBlog announces Eagle Flight, a full virtual reality game coming next year to Windows and PlayStation 4. This reveal trailer shows how this game gives you a bird's eye view of Paris, and here's word:
2016 is shaping up to be a big year for virtual reality, and Ubisoft has just announced its first major foray into the world of headset-enhanced gaming. Eagle Flight, unveiled during PlayStation Experience 2015 in San Francisco, gives players the chance to soar freely through an abandoned Paris as eagles, moving their heads to steer as they swoop through alleyways and dogfight with avian enemies.

We were hugely impressed with Eagle Flight when we tried out the early demo at E3 2015. Piloting our eagle avatars was as easy as looking where we wanted to go, and the experience of plunging into a nosedive between buildings and then pulling up into the sky delivered an exhilarating sense of speed and freedom. Testing our new skills against each other in quick multiplayer matches only heightened that feeling, and itís a huge thrill to weave your way between buildings at high speeds when you know thereís an enemy following right behind you.

Those aerial skirmishes were just a snippet of whatís coming in 2016, however. Set 50 years after humanityís complete disappearance from Earth, Eagle Flight will feature a single-player experience with diverse missions and collectibles to uncover, as well as multiplayer modes for up to six players. Due to launch in 2016, Eagle Flight will be available for PlayStation VR on PS4, and for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on PC.


6. Re: Eagle Flight Announced Dec 7, 2015, 03:14 InBlack
Quboid wrote on Dec 6, 2015, 23:27:
I played a game called Ambient Flight on the Rift DK1. It's similar to this, where you controlled a bird and changed direction with your head. It worked really well and is a great demo to introduce people to VR. It certainly wasn't on-rails and I don't expect this will be either, although going through the church or trees did look a bit close.

Eagle Flight clearly has much higher production values than Ambient Flight but I'm not convinced there's actually a game here. This looks more like a freebie that comes with a headset, from what little we've seen.

The funny thing is with a little more work (and a better setting) they could have made this an awesome game. Imagine playing as an Eagle (not the fighter) and having to hunt rabbits and other small game! Thats already pretty cool, but then you could add things like, weather, day and night cycles, (all of which affects your ability to hunt, sleep, etc.), nesting and mating!

Now something like that would probably sell a lot of VR kits...
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