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Out of the Blue

I woke up to a computer problem today. My PC had not put itself to sleep, and a fan was running at full speed. It's hard to see the connection, but I also had repeated crashes trying to launch FrontPage 2003, my antiquated HTML editor. I reinstalled the editor, but continue to have problems, though I eventually found a way to work around them. Certainly an aggravating start to the week, but at least I have it under control for the time being.

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12. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 29, 2015, 13:15 PHJF
Think he is suggesting the ACA did absolutely nothing to address the root diseases (if you will) afflicting the American healthcare system. Poverty causes people to "abuse" the ER. Abuse of the ER drives up healthcare costs across the board. Sky-high healthcare costs render insurance untenable for the impoverished. Goto ER.

Really the only thing the ACA accomplished in the end was curbing denial of insurance or claims rejection due to that "pre-existing condition" horse shit. Or I would assume, I don't know of actual numbers on that. For the vast swathes of Americans living at or near a minimum wage that hasn't been able to support "living" in decades, insurance remains unaffordable.

As long as for-profit insurance exists, there will be no real improvement to the healthcare system. ACA was a half measure in a battle where there can be none.
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