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31. Re: Morning Safety Dance Aug 4, 2015, 17:58 Asmodai
Verno wrote on Aug 4, 2015, 14:43:
I wouldn't go that far. People are lumping a bunch of different settings and headlines together. Lots of misinformation and assumptions like the guy below who thought Windows 10 is an annual sub. For example if you use Cortana that info will be sent to Microsoft servers, that's how it works but OMG KEYLOGGER headline. I don't use Edge but I'm sure it has some sort of setting to send anonymized data too, much like Firefox and Chrome. Of course your Microsoft Account has a history of your store purchases, how else would they register app ownership for reinstalls and updates. Some of them are dumb mobile related things that tie into the store that don't mean much and others are more serious and should be scrutinized. Their problem here is that all privacy settings should be opt in, not opt out but sadly that's a reflection of the times. That and the stupid Basic telemetry setting is forced which sends a list of installed programs. Its dumb and they should change it, I suspect it will be after all of the hoopla.

Of all the reasons not to use Windows 10, privacy is pretty small potatoes for me. There are real problems with the OS and things that might lead people to avoid it - they pointlessly shrank the taskbar icons 20px. They can't decide on a UI and there are like 8 conflicting ones in things like context menus. Half of the settings exist inside of the Modern settings app and others are still in legacy control panel. Some settings were removed but now have no replacement in the modern UI. They have an obsession with this flat theming that looks awful and makes navigating the UI more difficult. Wake Timers can be abused by apps and mess with S3 sleep. Windows Update doesn't let you pick and choose anymore which is really fucking annoying. Don't give me drivers jesus come on, let me choose that shit. Multi-monitor support is improved in respects and worse in others which is really frustrating, they've had a lot of time to fix it.

Worrying about whether or not they know Steam is installed is pretty low on my list compared to the above for me. Likewise I don't rush out and cancel Netflix because they catalogued my viewing of Sharknado 3 and might sell it to someone. Or throw away my Fire TV because they know I use Netflix a lot to watch shitty movies. I think it's silly because they could easily avoid all of this bad PR by just making it all opt in but corporations are rarely lauded for their forward thinking.

Which is all fine and well... For you...

The reason why there is so much misinformation isn't just the usual chinese whispers or people going out of their way to make MS look bad, it's that MS has gone out of their way to keep some of this stuff under wraps/obscure to boot, and it appears like the decisions you make as a user are not final.

If they were up front about it and let the users make informed choices, most commentators would probably ridicule the excessively intrusive nature of the OS but concede that no one is twisting any arms, or relying on ignorance to sneak things through.

eg. In Australia, for the most part, internet is still metered and we're still have a large part of the country using ADSL1. Your machine is streaming out P2P updates for Win 10 to the rest of the world is really going to play merry havoc with streaming VOD, unless you've set up QOS (and if you know how to set up QOS, you can probably find the settings for turning off the P2P updating...). It's just something that the user should be aware of and let them make the choice.
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