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Out of the Blue

My time babysitting the guinea pig and leopard gecko is drawing to an end, and I'll miss visiting the critters. I'm not sure they'll miss me as much as I imagined, however. Yesterday I was visiting Buddy the gecko, and as always he seemed fascinated by me, coming over to where I pushed my finger against the glass and darting out his tongue to investigate. I decided to help satisfy his curiosity by sticking my finger in the tank, and he instantly darted over and bit me, so I think what I interpreted as friendly/curious gestures may have been him defending his territory (lizards are not known for their warmth, so this shouldn't be a shock). Whatever bitty little teeth the wee fellow has are inconsequential, so this did not hurt or anything, but I am saddened to have the illusion of our friendship shattered, and I am very sorry that I seemed to upset him.

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22. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 30, 2015, 20:56 Megalodon
Julio wrote on Jul 30, 2015, 19:56:
If being evolved means shooting, letting an animal suffer, beheading and skinning animals for fun...then we're not evolved at all. It would be an evolution to give the dentist the exact same penalty that he inflicted. And it would stop this type of thing going on next time.

But some people are too soft for that.

I guess you don't need to worry about evolution given that you don't understand how ridiculous that statement is. What did the hunter do wrong? He shot an animal. What do you want to do him? Shoot him. Do you not see the irony there? You are no better than he is.

Being evolved means we don't just give into baser instincts and instead punish people proportionally instead of your retarded eye for an eye bullshit. He will be punished by the law, not by your idiotic couch potato vigilante bullshit that both know you will never actually follow through on.

Too soft? Don't make me laugh. You know what's hard? Rational responses to things that make your skin crawl. That's what grown ups do. They don't sit around jerking themselves off about idiotic revenge fantasies. That's what children do. Nice job cutting out the parts of my response that you didn't have the guts to face by the way. That's some soft shit right there son.

This comment was edited on Jul 30, 2015, 21:04.
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