NOTGTAV (Really) Released

NotGTAV is now available on Steam for 75% off its already low price, making it under a buck. This is a parody title with hand-drawn graphics, and it has been net with a very positive response from players. As the name implies, this is not Grand Theft Auto V, and they explain the nuanced approach to the title that allows them to use the title they are:
This game is a parody.

It is definitely, positively and (hopefully) legally, not the game Grand Theft Auto Five.

Sure, it's called NotGTAV, but those letters stand for Great Traffic Adventure and the V is silent. Like the one in "lawsuit" (which, you'll notice, is also invisible).

This short tour of the glories of the UK’s M4 corridor is easy to play, hard to master, addictive, very funny, and cheap.

100% of the profits from this game go to young people’s charity Peer Productions. Without Peer Productions the NotGames team would never have met. By buying this game you can help us pay something back.

NotGames: Sticking it to the virtual man since about ten minutes ago.
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