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Terraria Patched

A new major patch is now available for Terraria, updating the side-scrolling sandbox to version 1.3 with new content, new features, and various improvements. An update on the Terraria website has all the details:
It has been a long road - one full of sleepless nights and tiring nights, laughter and tears, successes and setbacks - but the time has finally come for us to turn our labor of love for the past year or so over to you, our loyal fans. Terraria 1.3 touches on many aspects of the game - from re-imagined sprites and backgrounds to new features and - of course - the new content that you crave - that we truly feel it refreshes and revitalizes the entire Terraria experience. We are confident that you will enjoy what it has to offer!

Perhaps most exciting to the team are the ways in which Terraria 1.3 streamlines the multiplayer experience. Gone are the days of port-forwarding and endless IP sharing for anyone seeking to connect quickly with their friends for an ore-hunting session or to team of up that tough boss fight. We have always felt Terraria was best with a buddy (or ten) - so if you haven't yet, now is an opportune time to try out multiplayer! (Do note that dedicated servers will still need to use the standalone server software, which you can download HERE).

14. Re: Terraria Patched Jul 1, 2015, 09:16 Megalodon
Retired wrote on Jul 1, 2015, 01:58:
Rigs wrote on Jun 30, 2015, 18:28:
Ok, new Terraria player here, heavy into modded Minecraft and many (too many) hours in Starbound, where do I start with this? Are there mods for it like Buildcraft? I'm clueless... *ahem* *looks around*...I mean, for once...


Nothing is obvious, but keep checking your base area and craft a bench, an anvil, a forge, etc etc etc. Use the Wiki to get going, it will save you a headache. Go exploring, find chests, and mine mine mine mine mine. Have fun.

This is bad advice for new players. The guide NPC provides all sorts of direction and is always available around the initial spawn point in the world. Don't bother with the wiki until its actually required. Go talk to the guide and he will get you started on the basics. Like most games of this ilk you should concentrate building a shelter first and foremost.

Terraria is not easily moddable, some exist but its nothing like Minecraft yet in terms of availability. You can find some here.
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