T500 RS Wheel Firmware; Wheel Not Discontinued

We received a reply today from Thrustmaster to our inquiry about a rumor that their high-end T500RS racing wheels are being discontinued, which they categorically deny. Word from the peripheral manufacturer is: "We inform you that the T500 RS is still being produced so we deny any claims that it was discontinued." As we noted yesterday, there are new drivers for the wheel on their website which support Windows 10, and there is also new firmware for the wheel to better optimize cooling fan and power supply management.
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Re: T500 RS Wheel Firmware; Wheel Not Discontinued
Jun 25, 2015, 14:26
Re: T500 RS Wheel Firmware; Wheel Not Discontinued Jun 25, 2015, 14:26
Jun 25, 2015, 14:26
It certainly doesn't give a very good impression from a company when their support and their PR give contradictory information about the end of a product. Time will tell I suppose.

The demand has allegedly soared these last weeks due to the success of pCars, that could explain the shortage. On the other end, those are old products, even Logitech has ended the G27 and announced the G290.

theglaze wrote on Jun 25, 2015, 13:08:

Amazon Pricing:
Thrustmaster T500RS = $584
Thrustmaster TX + T3PA-PRO = $482
Thrustmaster T300RS + T3PA-PRO = $587

Not only is the T500RS listed as the 26th of 26 wheel products on Thrustmaster website's Wheel product page, but it does not support either PS4 or XB1. Even if a new buyer was going to exclusively use a wheel for the PC, it's still a smarter choice to go with the TX or T300RS because of resell value.

Then consider that a new buyer can buy a TX (plus the upgraded pedals) for $100 LESS THAN the cost of the +4 year old T500RS (without a brushless motor) or support their latest gear shifter.

Clearly then, it's a product that must be discontinued or replaced by an updated PC-only wheel. My guess is the rumor is right, but Thurstmaster still has a lot of T500RS in the distribution channel and are hoping to sucker in some poor schmucks who are dishing out almost $600 and expecting the best.

At least sell the soon-to-be-discontinued T500RS for a discount, Thrustmaster, you jerks.

Yes, it's quite pricey and about on par with Fanatec (at least here in Europe), do the wheel and pedals really justify such a high price? Not that I'd dare buy a Fanatec after seeing disturbing reports on the overall quality and noise (now, maybe there are as many for the other brands too).
Jun 25, 2015Jun 25 2015
 Re: T500 RS Wheel Firmware; Wheel Not Discontinued