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Dota 2 Reborn Beta

The Dota 2 blog announces "Dota 2 Reborn" a reboot of Valve's MOBA that's entering beta testing with a new engine (presumably Source 2, though those Unity guys are persistent) and more. Here's the deal:
Today we are announcing the Dota 2 Reborn Beta, which brings with it a new interface, new engine and Custom Games. Everything in the dashboard has been completely redesigned utilizing a new UI framework, and the engine that powers the game has been fully replaced. On today痴 update page we will be giving you a preview of the new interface. Early next week we値l be talking about Custom Games, and later that week we値l conclude with various details about the new engine and launch the open beta.

Throughout the beta we値l be releasing frequent updates in order to fix bugs and make changes based on the feedback you provide. As you browse around in the new client, you値l notice a few things that aren稚 fully functional yet. Additionally, our focus has been on the dashboard so you値l find the in-game HUD currently looks the same.

We want you to help us during the beta with your suggestions and bug reports. Our intention is to keep gameplay and heroes looking and feeling the same, so if you find anything unexpected please let us know. We値l be bringing the update out of beta some time after The International to ensure we have enough time to respond to all of your feedback.

12. Re: Dota 2 Reborn Beta Jun 14, 2015, 03:46 Osc8r
eRe4s3r wrote on Jun 13, 2015, 20:36:
Or better put.. HotS is the casuals MOBA

To me it feels like a MOBA for newbies to the genre and casuals. Just as WOW did to the MMO genre - turning it all casual and noob friendly, HOTS is doing to the MOBA genre.

I tried to enjoy the game but it just felt a little lacking in depth and freedom... and the graphics and animations felt really 'clunky'.

At the end of the day, each to the own. Glad you found one you enjoy!

Dota with a new engine sounds great to me. Just wish they'd hurry up add more maps!
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