Out of the Blue

There was some drama this week with the realization that our turkey baster did not survive past last Thanksgiving, and we had failed to secure a replacement in the intervening year. This timely recollection struck Thursday morning, leading to a bit of a panic for me, since my only role in the creation of dinner (besides the Chex Mix) is as the minister of crispy skin (there is debate about the efficacy of basting, but we have our traditions here). Sure enough, the local supermarket was closed for the holiday, leading me to the meager cooking aisles in our two local pharmacies. One had a display for the holiday, but no basters. The other didn't even have the token display, but the woman who worked there cleverly produced a fairly large needle-less syringe which cost all of two dollars. This served admirably in its role as a substitute baster, which makes sense, as there is a tendency to refer to these things as turkey basters even when used as intended in the world of medicine. I even avoided making any insemination jokes along the way, as the process was about good flavor, not bad taste.

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