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Op Ed

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5. Re: Op Ed Aug 24, 2014, 13:37 Beamer
What SJW's don't understand is that we view fighting SJW's and their toxic, infectious bullshit and fighting sexism in gaming as two separate things.

May I ask, then, what you think people like Cutter, Mad Max, ASeven, etc., are doing to "fight sexism in gaming?"

There are hundreds of thousands of words fighting "SJWs" on this board. Excluding the people considered "SJWs," there are maybe a dozen posts fighting sexism in gaming.
Which is what drives those you call "SJWs" insane - rather than focus on the problem, people focus on those saying there's a problem. The assumption becomes that the sexism isn't that big a deal ("Marissa Meyer only runs one of the largest companies on the planet because she's hot!") and the complaining is the larger issue ("Zoe Quinn proves all women in gaming are frauds!")
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4. Re: Op Ed Aug 24, 2014, 13:32 Prez
Damn, I just wrote something concerning this in the old thread. I know it's bad form but...

Copy and paste!!

ASeven wrote on Aug 24, 2014, 07:22:
Thunderf00t enters the fray:

Okay, all heterosexual males go to the 8:22 point. You're welcome.

But just to keep things on topic, lets talk about actual sexism in gaming versus what the SJW's see as the issue. While I have always thought of Beamer as one of the misguided SJW's tha have been talked about so much in the last few days, I have to say I don't find him as dangerous as a true SJW like the blithering idiot Sarkeesian or now this rotten Zoe character. He does bring up interesting points of discussion even if I disagree with him more often than not.

He said:

What bugs me isn't that Zoe clearly seems to need mental help, but that so many here dismiss an entire, huge issue due to this, and in their dismissal seem to just verify the problem.

Basically we ("we" meaning those who are NOT Social Justice Warriors) are in a no-win situation. If we say ANYTHING along the lines of "this Zoe/5 guys mess basically validates what we have been saying all along" or that it illustrates the SJW hypocricy in the gaming press we are at best labeled 'head-in-the-sand' deniers of a great injustice or at worst classless misogynist pigs. But if we stay quiet, we basically are allowing the SJW's to further infect our hobby with their line of utter garbage. So speaking out against reprehensible shit like the filth spewing out of Sarkeesian's piehole or the nonsense this Zoe character has been pulling is, in the average SJW's mind, validation of the crap these nutjobs are pushing to the detriment of all gamers, male and female. What SJW's don't understand is that we view fighting SJW's and their toxic, infectious bullshit and fighting sexism in gaming as two separate things. I won't say that there aren't some here who deny any sexism exists at all, because there undoubtedly is, but many of us do but prioritize the issue far FAR lower because we try to keep it in perspective. SJW's want it to be the foremost topic of discussion in gaming at all times, which to me begs the question how could it still be called the "gaming" industry if we stop talking about games in any context other than which SJW is offended by which game today?

No, I absolutely think sexism is a problem in the gaming industry. It's just not a very big problem. Certainly not as big as the corruption and hypocricy all this exposes on the part of game journalism. The sexism issue is one that will sort itself out for the most part if the statistics like the one in Blue's "ETC." section, which shows women outnumbering young boys in gamer ranks today, are any indication. Sooner or later some of those women will want to be game designers badly enough to enter the fray, and if true sexism is keeping them from reaching that dream then I'll be the first to speak out against it. So far though, it's just not happening to any degree that I can see. The bigger issue is that there are so few women in game design, period. Do women designers (and those who aspire to be) currently have to put up with some boorishness by some less classy males in the industry? Undoubtedly. Is it right? Hell no. Often times in history one class or another has been forced to rise above and overcome such obstacles, paving the way for removal of said obstacles. I know rational reasonable, and most importantly NON-SJW-minded people are working to change that, and I applaud them. What is hurting the cause of sexual equality in gaming the most is the very thing the SJW's stand for because in it's utterly ridiculous extremes, it turns off rational thinking people to the cause, thereby weakening support. In short, if people use Sarkeesian or Zoe as a catalyst to start ignoring the overall sexism issue then that is to be blamed on the likes of Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, RPS, Polytron and Kotaku, not the average gamer. The SJW's in gaming have destroyed any chance of the sexism problem being fixed until it basically fixes itself through time and understanding. In my view of course.
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- Mahatma Gandhi
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3. Re: Op Ed Aug 24, 2014, 13:32 Beamer
This is true no matter if you are talking about the spread of pseudo-science, creationism, or social justice warrior BS.
If no one tackles it, nothing will change, and you will inevitably that infection will spread.

Does that second line sound hypocritical to anyone else?
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2. Re: Op Ed Aug 24, 2014, 13:14 jdreyer
What's the half life of the Quinnspiracy? I think this is good for at least another two weeks of posts and commentary.  
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The only thing that flat-earthers have to fear is sphere itself.
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1. Re: Op Ed Aug 24, 2014, 13:10 nin

Love to hear your opinion on all of this, Blue.
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65 Replies. 4 pages. Viewing page 4.
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