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Boss Key Looking to Re-earn Trust

Boss Key Productions has sent out a first newsletter to those who have subscribed through their website (thanks Fly). Founder Cliff Bleszinski talks about launching a startup and gamer trust: "Although I'm fortunate enough to have made games for over 20 years and I had a good track record I truly feel like I'm starting over. From scratch. I need to re-earn the trust of as many gamers out there now that it's my baby, my studio, and my vision." He says they are up to 12 hires, and discusses the hiring process, and part of this reflects the approach to project Blue Streak, their debut game:
It's funny, looking at level design candidates, I can almost tell which ones I'm going to want to consider seriously by the thumbnails of their work and the design of their website. Clean Arena Shooter map lineage goes a long way, finding the spatial balance between tight corridors and open arena areas is an art form, be it in UT, Quake, TF2, or CS:GO. It's almost like I'm picking the "Ownage" back from the UT days, only this time we're offering full time employment!

After making console focused games for so long I can't describe how nice it feels to get back into a keyboard and mouse state of mind. The possibilities for aiming and movement are boiling out of my head, imagine what happens when someone plays with mobility in a PC FPS when they're inspired by 16 bit platformers, strafe jumping, and Tribes Skiiing, not to mention the possibilities with weapons!

11. Re: Boss Key Looking to Re-earn Trust Aug 9, 2014, 17:22 Fly
Ah jeez..The guy had to take a break, who can blame him? So what, everyone does. If he made some comments regarding PC in the past, it's in the past and were taken out of context and thrown/blown/overgrown way out of proportion. Let it be, move forward.

The main problem with PC gaming is the a-hole torrent users who could give two shits about gaming. They corrode the soul of PC gaming, the communities, and everything in between by stealing the hard works of game designers and publishers. That's my commentary, and if you think otherwise, gtfo of PC gaming.

PC gaming is and always will be alive. Games coming soon for PC like GTA V, Red Dead Redemption?, Farcry 4, Alien Isolation, AC: Unity, Battlefront just to name a few, will prove it again and again. Look between the lines and not the propaganda negative drama, people. One thing is for certain, whatever they will be working on will shake the foundations which games like Quake and Unreal built. I just hope it's not a tablet game.
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"This is more than anyone can bear, but we will persevere." -Vort
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