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16. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jul 17, 2014, 18:05 Eirikrautha
Re: The Cloud

Back in the day, when computer hardware was expensive (and gasoline was under $1 a gallon), most companies didn't want the tremendous expense of putting a fully self-contained computer in every office (size was also an issue). So, the IT folks had this amazing idea: let's put all of the important stuff on one large expensive computer, then give everyone in the office a "workstation" that can access the data on the mainframe, but doesn't cost anywhere near as much.

This was great in theory, until the utility of having all of your data and applications local became obvious (my computer goes down, I stop working; the server goes down, we ALL stop working). Once computer hardware got cheap enough, businesses couldn't wait to get rid of the hassles of mainframes.

Fast forward to today, where companies are deciding to put all of their data and applications in the "cloud" (which isn't even on-site!) and reduce the capabilities of the stations given to the workers. This is called "progress"...

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