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Star Citizen at $44M

A new Letter from the Chairman on the Roberts Space Industries website announces a new milestone for Star Citizen, revealing the space combat game has now attracted over $44 million in crowd-sourced funding (thanks oo). They describe the benefits of the new Stellar Cartography feature for players who have pledged before this point, and also outline the Updated Scanning Software that will come if (when?) the project passes the $46 million mark to all who have pledged up to this point. They also have voting in place for what they say will be the game's final stretch goal, which does not include the option to add more goals. Here's word on where things stand as of now:

The final week push to get Arena Commander V.8 out the door has begun here, so I’ll keep this letter short… but I would like to share a piece of concept art. You’re looking at what we call the “negotiation room” in the Banu Merchantman freighter. It’s a place where traders can invite others into their ships, display their cargo (the bay is visible) and make deals!

As we look to the next stages of Star Citizen beyond dogfighting, we’re putting more and more thought into how systems like cargo and trading will take shape. We’re building a system that makes sense, measuring ship interiors, building a standardized cargo container measurement system (see diagram) and determining exactly how cargo will be loaded, unloaded and interacted with in port (and during flight!) As the most recent set of changes to our preliminary ship stats reflect, transporting cargo is going to be more complex than just finding the ship with the highest storage capacity… it’s going to involve finding the right ship type for the job.

9. Re: Star Citizen at $44M May 24, 2014, 14:35 Sleep
[VG]Reagle wrote on May 24, 2014, 14:16:
{Roberts is a CON MAN}

LOL you're funny, every time a SC post comes up, I could almost write these for you by now.

Its all a con, I bet you nothing happens next week, this must surely be the point at which you all get screwed...

It'll be like two years after release and you'll be shouting 'THE DLC IS A CON, SUCKERS!!!'

You do realise theyre releasing something next week right? Thats going to kind of screw your case...
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