Star Citizen Hits $39M; Procedural Generation Goal Announced

A new Letter from the Chairman on the Roberts Space Industries website celebrates the news that the crowd-sourced funding for Star Citizen has passed the $39 million plateau, unlocking the next stretch goal of "the penultimate user-chosen star system" (thanks 88fingers). When the game hit $38 million, Chairman Roberts teased "a new goal that will help chart the course for the future of Star Citizen in a different way," which he now reveals to be a Procedural Generation R&D Team, saying "If we can develop a truly great procedural generation system, one that lets us create entire planets for you to populate, then we can expand the game to add these features (and more) in the future." Here's more on their $40 million stretch goal:
Procedural Generation R&D Team – This stretch goal will allocate funding for Cloud Imperium to develop procedural generation technology for future iterations of Star Citizen. Advanced procedural generation will be necessary for creating entire planets worth of exploration and development content. A special strike team of procedural generation-oriented developers will be assembled to make this technology a reality.
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Re: Star Citizen Hits $39M; Procedural Generation Goal Announced
Feb 23, 2014, 00:59
Re: Star Citizen Hits $39M; Procedural Generation Goal Announced Feb 23, 2014, 00:59
Feb 23, 2014, 00:59
Slinkycatz wrote on Feb 22, 2014, 02:12:
Creston wrote on Feb 22, 2014, 01:09:
Procedural generation? Really?

Wasn't the fact that everything was hand-created one of the big selling points of SC?

Roberts must have been more impressed by Elite:Dangerous than we first believed.

What will be handcrafted are the systems, their planets as seen from space, main starports and cities.

What about the rest of the planet, however? That is where the procedural generation comes in. I imagine they want to create territory and sprinkle it with goodies such as ruins, caves, etc where you can find very rare items. When a vote was done long ago as to what players wanted to do most in the SC universe, 'Explore' got a huge share of the vote.

Ah, okay, that does make sense. I thought it to mean that they were looking into doing everything procedurally and eventually replacing stuff with it. But adding onto a planet makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation.
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Feb 23, 2014Feb 23 2014
  Re: Star Citizen Hits $39M; Procedural Generation Goal Announced