QuakeWorld Turns 17 and This Day in Gaming History

Stories from our archive. First are a couple from yesterday, as it was December 17th 1996 that the QuakeWorld client was released by id Software and it was December 17th 1996 1998 that Epic Games (at the time Epic MegaGames) announced both Unreal Tournament and Unreal II. On to December 18th, it was 15 years ago today that Starsiege TRIBES went gold. Here are more stories of note: Splinter Cell Demo (2002), International UT2004 Demo (2004), Tiberium Announced (2007), ABIT Closes (2008), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam shipped (2010), and RAGE: The Scorchers shipped (2012). Update: Corrected the year on the Unreal Tournament/Unreal II link.
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Re: QuakeWorld Turns 17 and This Day in Gaming History
Dec 18, 2013, 12:06
Re: QuakeWorld Turns 17 and This Day in Gaming History Dec 18, 2013, 12:06
Dec 18, 2013, 12:06
ViRGE wrote on Dec 18, 2013, 11:26:
Ahh Tribes. It was ahead of its time and yet everything that follows only gets farther and farther from the purity of its vision.

^Pretty much this.^

The only thing that even came close in comparison was T2 which was great in it's own right but never really felt the same as the original Tribes. I still remember my first evening playing Tribes. I was completely amazed and haven't had that same feeling since with the exception of maybe Dayz but even Dayz wasn't as revolutionary.

It's hard to believe how little things have progressed. I actually think that we have progressed very little except for graphically and even that has been slower than I would have expected. In fact, we've gone backwards compared to the creativity of the PC games that came out in the late 90's. It seems to me that the Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS3 have held gaming evolution back quite a bit. A lot of it has to do with the control schemes on the consoles as well as the limited hardware.

Then there's the fact that games have been dumbed down quite a bit. A perfect example is the complexity of Morrowind compared to how gutted Oblivion was. The controls were trimmed way down and limited keybindings, armor pieces were reduced as well as enchanting, the map got trimmed way down, and so on. It's a big list of things that were gutted. Sure, Morrowind was trimmed down for Xbox, but we still had a proper PC version with all the things that were expected on a PC game.

It used to be fun to figure out how to get through complicated parts in PC games. We had to actually use our brains and spend time trying to figure things out. They actually made us smarter by forcing us to problem solve. Now there are all sorts of on screen hints that basically hold our hand through each part of a mission. No need to exercise that brain these days. Just follow the on-screen tips and you're good to go. There's also very little skill needed to complete these games with autoaim and scripted button pressing sequences and whatnot. I've been bummed about this stuff ever since the previous next-gen systems came out and the new next-gen doesn't look like it will be much of an improvement. The only way it could get better is if consoles allowed for full KB/Mouse support but that will probably never happen because of the lag induced by aiming so quickly with a mouse.

At least we still get a few gems here and there in the PC gaming world but it's not quite the same as it was. Maybe it's just nostalgia but I doubt it since we can always throw in old games and see the complexity that I am talking about. Sure, the graphics are dated now, but the games are still amazingly complex.

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