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World of Tanks Security "Event"

Wargaming is rewarding players with in-game currency in World of Tanks for changing their passwords. This went down last week, we just noticed word on GameSpot. This page has the details, and while we see reports this move is in response to a security breach, the article doesn't mention that.

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10. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 23, 2013, 06:31 Nighthawk
Ferg is making some almost valid points, using extreme examples, but i you haven't tried and are considering, take it with a grain of sale.
An M4 with the high explosive gun (aka the derp) can one shot most light and mediums, --when it hits them in a soft spot-- owning one myself, I can attest to it doing next to nothing in some other tanks when the shot doesn't go exactly where it needs to be.
It isn't pay to win, not even close, because nothing you can buy makes up for a lack of skill or simple bad luck.
Tier 10 I can't speak with, but public matches are just what anyone would expect, public, not tactical.

Or try it, all players got emailed a new invite code which includes a free premium (and no longer available to existing players) tank:
WGGEAR for a Panzer 38H735, 3 days premium, 1000 gold, and a free garage slot.
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9. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 23, 2013, 03:38 TurdFergasun
premium ammo now costs regular currency, aka silver. To be able to afford this ammo, you need to play premium otherwise the payouts won't be high enough to cover the cots of ammo replenishment. The different at most tiers for premium ammo is huge, gold-ap rounds and arty shells are so much more effective, if you don't have them you're basically fodder unless your team is decent, which only seems to happen on days that don't end with a Y. Don't believe me? buy an M4 sherman, with the small derp gun on it, and load it with gold, you should be 1-2 shotting everything within 3 tiers of you, there are many other tanks that have this ability as well. KV-5 with gold rounds is another.

It's been heavily transformed into a pay to win game since the first year pre/post beta. The developers are horrible at admitting to game faults, let alone addressing or fixing them. They are great at coming out with new objects to add a grind here or there, or new premium tanks/items.

I had a 1500 efficiency rating and 5 tier 10 tanks(obj268,IS7,E100,T-67,Batchat), let me assure you, there is no worthwhile endgame, tier 10 pub matches are a joke, clan wars is just another grind where you absolutely need premium equipment and shells to be competitive, and wargaming does it's best to screw that up on a week to week basis.

I'll reiterate these guys don't have a clue in the world, they got lucky with their quick success far too fast, and have grown too greedy and short sighted much like most big gaming publishers out there now.
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8. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 23, 2013, 03:29 Krizzen
World of Tanks is a lot of fun. I'll agree with the other folks below, the game is very grindy.

One of the nice things about WoT is I think they handle the community (and the game) quite well. There's always something new on the website; new events, new sales, new ways to get free gold (the in-game real money currency), new tournaments, patches, tank history, and almost too many new tanks. (Curious? See the tech tree here)

Anyway, I think this is a very good incentive for players to change their passwords. All too often, people sign up with the same password as their email password and ten other websites and wonder why their accounts were compromised. They could've just said "OK everyone, you won't be able to login until you change your password", but no. They give free in-game currency. This is a good example of why these guys will be around for quite some time.
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7. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 22, 2013, 18:27 Asmo
It's very grindy. Even with a prem account, some tanks are just hell on earth (eg. the ISU152 ruski tank destroyer, the grind to the BL10 uber cannon of doom is one of the most depressing in the game).

If you want to pay to win, you can piss gold up the wall to buy the high performing ammo. And still suck. I've killed plenty of wallet warriors. You have to play to the strengths of the tank. Some tanks are snipers, some are flankers, some can take a ludicrous amount of damage and some have weak spots a mile wide. New players just tend to aim centre of mass (or worse, directly at the gun mount where the mantlet has the absolute thickest armour on the tank).

It also matters how far you can see, and what you can spot. Certain tanks are harder to see than others, and you can use this to your advantage.

If you only play occasionally and have difficulty getting credits together, or leveling up crews, buy a premium tank rather than premium time. Premium tanks have three major benefits.

-They are already elited, which means all XP earned on them is "extra" XP. You can either route this to the crew or in to free XP.

-You do NOT need to retrain a crew of a similar tank type (and nation) to use them on your prem tank. So if you have a premium heavy tank, you can transfer the crew from another heavy tank in to it and they will perform as if they were trained. Crew shuffling takes some time, but it means you can play an IS3 (ruski heavy) and have a premium IS6, for example, and use one IS3 crew to play in both tanks. Grind credits and XP in the 6, move to the 3 when you really want to maul people. Light tanks are generally a poor prem investment as they never really earn much in the way of credits and you'll only have limited ability to xfer crews to it.

-Prem tanks are a one off cost. Yes, they are expensive (~20-55 USD typically), but you can then play them anytime you want (and you can also choose to buy a day of premium + a premium tank = credits galore)

It should be noted that premium tanks are not typically WTFOP compared to standard tanks. Generally a standard tank starts off weak and ends strong. Prems sit in the middle and are usually quirky, ie. have weak spots or a weak gun compared to other similar tier vehicles.
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6. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 22, 2013, 16:31 Nighthawk
Tumbler has some great points and it's good to read a well written non-trolling comment.
As he said, you can play without spending real money on gold.
Fawker - tier 3 isn't an overly hard grind, and it gets better, with the last patch, the Pz2c is spam trolling all the lowbies, it sucks.
After a lot of time you'll get to tier 7, and then it pushing a little more towards getting a premium account and spending gold, not because they spam it, but because even a crappy win can net you negatives in cashflow (due to repair and reload).
The grind can be long if you don't, but in theory it's possible to get to a tier 10 tank (highest tier) without spending a cent.
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5. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 22, 2013, 15:07 Kedyn
I like WoT too, but I haven't touched it since Planetside 2 came out. I may pick it up again soon though - maybe after I finish my $10 Mass Effect 3.  
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4. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 22, 2013, 13:24 Tumbler
If it makes you feel better that is kind of you how feel even if you pay from time to time and are a higher tier.

The matches you're placed in will almost always be versus a wide variety of tanks. Typically a 3 tier stretch is common. (6,7,8 or 3,4,5 or 1,2,3) That initial loading screen gives you a rough report of how good your tank is versus others. If you're at the top you should do well, if you're at the bottom then job number one is don't get shot, stay in cover, play it safe, assume you're going to get massacred.

I'm at tier 7 atm, most of my tanks are tier 6, I've got a tier 7 and I'm speeding through that tank to get to tier 8. (I'm gunning for an IS-3)

More than likely the tanks that are besting you are benefiting more from highly trained crews than they are gold. I hadn't realized until recently that once you're crews hit 100% they get another secondary skill to start improving on. Some of the items you can put on your tank, faster reload, faster aiming, can make a huge difference as well.

The grind can be brutal though, if you never buy any gold and so don't get that xp boost from having a premium acct from time to time then I find that the grind is extremely tedious. I really like how you can buy a premium acct by the day if you want to, 250 gold I believe. That is $1.25. To me playing a lot for a day or two and earning lots of xp is more enjoyable than playing more matches each earning less xp.

Gold is almost required to advance past tier 7 though, the amount of xp you need to buy the tanks let alone the equipment to make them good is ridiculous to consider earning with a free account.

But it's not quite what you think, the gold isn't to buy ammo, it's to convert XP from other tanks. Something I didn't realize about WoT is that they built it so you'd play all the classes at once. You can play with one tank the whole time but that becomes very annoying. Once you research everything a particular tank has to offer it becomes "elite". This means that any xp you earn can be used to convert to "free xp" which can be used on any tank.

In practice this means you'll have a better time if you have a tank in each class or at least several tanks maxed out. Don't sell your old tanks, fully research the one you like and keep using them. Then when you jump into the game you'll have 4 or 5 tanks that all earn double xp on that first battle.

The hook is that converting xp costs gold. So if each of your elite tanks has 1000xp sitting in there you can convert that all to free xp for a fee in gold. (it's very affortable in my experience, I want to say 400 is to convert 10k experience?)

I don't know if you can tell but I like this game.
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3. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 22, 2013, 12:02 TurdFergasun
i'm sure it's the same old wargaming story: "working as intended" please pay no attention and continue showering us with money while we deliver crumbs and trinkets needed to make this f2p actually playable. Enjoy this opportunity to take part in our passwords for game currency event which is not related to any sort of hacking or piss poor security on our part... at all.

these guys don't have a clue unless it involves minute pedantic details about obscure tanks that never existed, If you're not one of the cows in this game, don't bother playing. can't wait for their zynga moment.

This comment was edited on Apr 22, 2013, 12:08.
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2. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 22, 2013, 10:57 J
Change your password a few dozen times?  
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1. Re: World of Tanks Security Apr 22, 2013, 09:40 fawker
as a non-paying player at tier three, I just feel like a punching bag for premium and higher tier members

such a long grind, too
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