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Stardock Plans "At Least" Two Game Announcements

This document (Adobe Acrobat format) offers Stardock's 2012 Consumer Report, an annual look behind the curtain at the company's business, offered as a goodwill gesture, since they are not publically traded and thus not subject to quarterly public financial reports. They outline a very successful year, noting this was spurred by them releasing three titles when they would typically release one. They then proceed to indicate they plan on announcing "at least" two games this year and also announce that Derek Paxton is now in charge of their development studio:

I suspect we will have at least, two new game announcements in 2013.

We have continued to follow-up on bringing in top-tier game designers to evaluate, tweak and enhance future titles. This process started with Derek “Kael” Paxton who developed the popular Civilization IV mod “Fall from Heaven”. His work has been transformative both in terms of how games get designed here but in how they get produced. As a result, I’m pleased to announce that Derek Paxton is VP of Stardock Entertainment and in charge of the studio.

After Derek Paxton joined us, Jon Shafer joined us to help on Fallen Enchantress and help design an unannounced game. After Fallen Enchantress was completed, he founded his own company (Conifer) to work on a new strategy game called At the Gates.

This year, with the “next generation” of Stardock games in pre-production, we’ve brought Soren Johnson (designer of Civilization IV) to work on the designs for our new titles for the next few months. The emphasis on dedicated game design has resulted in greater confidence that new franchises will not have to go through the rocky experience that Elemental: War of Magic went through.

47. Re: Stardock Plans Apr 11, 2013, 13:56 Falaffel
Verno wrote on Apr 11, 2013, 10:19:
People don't need to cherry pick anything, you give plenty of ammunition away for free it seems. Hence being quiet and letting professionals handle your public relations as they are actually qualified to defuse the drama that seems to consistently follow you around. There are many developers who can speak for themselves and avoid these things, you don't seem to be one of them though so I don't think we're "losing anything" either.

If you want issues to be about your games then ignore drama and talk about the games alone. Whenever I see you responding to something about other "drama" it strikes me as someone a bit vain or immature trying to shift blame or assuage their own ego.

What a bizarre approach. Have you seen any of the new kickstarter project lately? People are demanding more participation and communication from game makers and here you are advocating for the opposite.

And what a crappy argument for it, the more brad explains, the more he is creating the crises? Are you by any chance a political advisor? Because thats the kind of crap that has made people cynical of politicians. Some of us believe in creating solutions and results by dialog. Honestly your comments seem to indicate you having a personal grudge against stardock/brad than anythind else.

That aside, i do think brads political opinions are out in farright loony land, but stardock is a diamond in a haystack of crappy publishers and they are exactly what we pc gamer entusiasts need to support. The discussion here IMO should not be about lawsuits or non-game politics. It should be about why the 10 gamer demands are not followed anymore by stardock or why stardock is not releasing on gog or other drm free options.

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