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Saturday Interviews

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3. Re: Saturday Interviews Apr 9, 2013, 03:49 Jerykk
So much pessimism for so little reason. Yes, it's a reboot. It's a reboot because 99% of the modern market has never heard of or played any Thief game before. While it would be great for it to be a proper sequel that remains faithful to the original lore, that's not really going to happen. Luckily, lore was not the main appeal of the Thief series. Gameplay was. And from what I've seen and read, the new Thief is still retaining the fundamentals of the series. It's still first-person, it's still about sneaking rather than fighting, stealth is still dependent on light and shadows, different surfaces still give off varying degrees of noise when you walk over them, the focus is still on stealing loot, you can still lean around corners, you can still pick locks and pockets, you can still blow out candles and extinguish torches, you still climb around on ropes and the levels are still large and open-ended.

People act like they're turning it into CoD or something. Yes, combat will be more viable than it was in the previous games, though you won't be able to run and gun like you can in Deus Ex or Dishonored. Yes, there is a "focus" mode that makes the game easier but is completely optional and completely disabled on the highest difficulty. If you enjoy ghosting and stealing all the loot without being detected and without neutralizing anyone, you can still do that.

So what exactly the problem here? Eidos has already proven that they can reboot a classic franchise successfully (see DX:HR, from the same studio making the new Thief). While there will always be some compromises to appeal to a larger audience, as long as the core pillars of the series remain intact, I'll be happy.
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2. Re: Saturday Interviews Apr 7, 2013, 08:47 Qbex .
No it won't be a game that Thief fans want. No idea why they insist on using that name, old fans will be pissed and new gamers don't care either way. They just doing themselves disservice imho. Sadly Thief like we know would never happen today, not as a AAA title that's for sure. Hell, after listening to LGS podcasts on MIT Singapore site (amazing insights in life of LGS, highly recommended) I doubt even they would try to make another one in the same way after commercial failure of System Shock and T1, T2 and TN. As someone at LGS said - "games made by MIT grads for MIT students" Shame , really.  
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1. Re: Saturday Interviews Apr 7, 2013, 01:31 Tanto Edge
Thief Buggering: Cheap vs Physics, Next-Gen, Bourrer vs Original

No explanation of why they rebooted it, just that they always wanted to reboot.
Obviously a complete lie given the original logo and announcement.

I'm sure it will be a very cool game to play...
I'm still pissed though.

It's like, BioShock is a great series. But it's not System Shock, right?

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