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SimCity 2.0 Plans

The EA Forums have an update from SimCity senior producer Kip Katsarelis with word on plans for an upcoming version 2.0 patch for the city building game (thanks IncGamers). Here's a chunk:

We've been heads down addressing the key issues we’re seeing reported from our community. This includes city rollbacks, lost progress, and the return of features like Cheetah Speed and Leaderboards. Like you, we want all of these resolved ASAP, which is why they are the top priorities in our studio. Matter of fact, we have all of these in a QA environment, giving them a thorough test before we release them back to you, the fans.

On top of this, we’re also working on a number of bug fixes and other overall improvements that we’re planning to include in future Updates. Just last week we released two Updates 1.7 and 1.8, which included traffic fixes and other general improvements. For the future, in Update 2.0, we’ll be addressing the Recycling Center bug, fixing the fire engine clumping, improving the efficiency of Street Cars, and increasing the radius of river water. We’re also fixing the tuning on Casinos and are making them more profitable. These are just a handful of the substantial changes coming in Update 2.0.

Keep in mind, if you don’t see a particular fix present in an Update, this doesn't mean we’re not working on it, or we’re not aware of it. Our team is constantly getting reports about the top issues being raised and this is helping us prioritize what we need to address. There are some issues that are more challenging and will take more time. If you have feedback, please visit our forums. In the meantime, we’ll continue to address the top issues in our updates. We’ll keep working while you’re playing.

7. Re: SimCity 2.0 Plans Mar 28, 2013, 23:23 Flatline
I'm still trying to figure out how you ship with all these issues still in the code. I can *sort* of understand getting bushwhacked on the servers. Well okay not really but that in theory is something you're predicting and is beyond your immediate influence.

But these are fundamental, underlying bugs that are showing up on everyone's game. The idea that they didn't know about these is... odd.

I can only really suspect that this was a "ship now, patch later" game.
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