Borderlands 2 New Content & Level Cap Details

The Borderlands 2 panel at PAX East has unveiled the promised details on the new vault hunter and level cap planned for the role-playing shooter sequel. Polygon has word that the new vault hunter is Krieg the Psycho, saying this sixth playable character will be released via DLC in May (apparently not part of season passes), describing a berserker-style character derived from the Psycho enemy character. They have a trailer, but this seems to be marked private (there's a horrible cammed version on Kotaku), and the following description: "Krieg's actions come at high risk and offer high rewards, with his main action tasking him with rushing foes to kill enemies, which heals him — a necessary task, since, unlike Borderlands' melee character Brick, his health does not regenerate on its own." They also have word this will be preceded by the release of the Ultimate Vault Hunter's Pack on April 2 (which will be included with season passes), which will add new gear, and raise the level cap to 61. This will be released alongside a free patch for the game adding an "Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode," which will give players "the opportunity to take their maxed out heroes through the game a third time." Also, Kotaku (thanks nin) has word on a new limited edition Loot Chest version of the game that will seek for a hundred bucks on Think Geek in May for people who love the game that much, but don't own it already.
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Re: Borderlands 2 New Content & Level Cap Details
Mar 25, 2013, 14:22
Re: Borderlands 2 New Content & Level Cap Details Mar 25, 2013, 14:22
Mar 25, 2013, 14:22
morrow wrote on Mar 25, 2013, 10:38:
Creston wrote on Mar 25, 2013, 01:44:
Huh? I've done the DLC on Normal with one character, and it's available for me to go to on the TVHM playthrough with the same character?
No. Maybe i'm not wording this right.
You know how when you beat the game on normal mode and then do true vault hunter mode with the same char, it resets the normal campaign to play through it again?
The DLC (scarlett, torgue, hammerlock) never get reset. You can only play thru the DLC campaigns once per character. You can either start it in playthru 1 (normal mode), playthru 2 (true vault hunter mode) or playthru 2.1. It never resets.

My question is, since i'm sure all of us with our maxed out chars have beaten all the DLCs, will the DLCs reset in "ultimate vault hunter mode" so we can play thru the DLC campaigns again?

Are you sure? I'm not at home, so I'll have to look at it tonight, but I'm pretty sure my assassin, who finished Pirate Booty in PT1, and is now in TVHM, can go straight back to Oasis and start over again. I'll check tonight.

If true, then yeah, that's really annoying, and I hope they'll fix that so you can do PT3 with it.

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