Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost - The Gathering Storm Launches

The Guild Wars 2 website announces the addition of new content with the release of The Gathering Storm, the second installment in the four-part Flame and Frost series of updates for ArenaNet's MMORPG. This page has an overview, while the new Game Update Notes have full details on what this adds. This is a fairly enormous patch, offering balance changes, bug fixes, and new features such as the first trial pass at their event scaling system, in addition to the new content. The patch also adds two-team rated PvP play, a new PvP map, the choice of daily achievements, and more.
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Re: More Big Picture Details
Feb 27, 2013, 14:29
Re: More Big Picture Details Feb 27, 2013, 14:29
Feb 27, 2013, 14:29
Endo wrote on Feb 27, 2013, 11:48:

#1 is horizontal loot progression promise and now we have vertical. And on top of that calendar controlled vertical with the laurels. Then they just added a gob of ectos to get your ascended earnings in addition to calendar controlled laurels. All from a customer that swore to hell and back that this game will not be vertical and not be a grind. There is a fair argument it' one of the grindiest now.

Since when were Laurals 'vertical progression'? They are a little bonus that lets you purchase some 'eh' items and fun stuff. And since when is progression vertical as a whole? Ascended gear is difficult to obtain and consists of only rings and necklaces that give you a 'tenths of a percentage' boost over anyone else. People were screaming on the forums for some way to improve their characters beyond the stat cap of Exotics. So Anet added one, a hard to obtain, pain in the ass with little real benefit, carrot. People are now getting lvl 80 exotics off lvl 1 mobs, so what are you complaining about?

Diminishing Returns. Does any other mmo even have such a thing? And if you do have it on you because you are working an area too much, why not an alert us if we are hitting it? It leaves you wondering... Am I being penalized now? Because loot is crazy stingy in this game.

I agree with this one. I feel it's the extenuating consequences of a flaw in the design.

Things like Fractals were introduced and the only place to get ascended items for months. Which meant a lot of people stopped open world venturing and all became stuck in an instance now going for the best items. Completely against their vision for GW2. Instance Wars 2!

Yea, it's not like GW1 had instances! Oh wait.. it was ALL INSTANCED.

Nov 15. All bosses REALLY will drop loot now... They didn't, not even close. They were called on it and wouldn't quickly fix it, nor even acknowledge. We'll have to see if yesterdays patch fixed that. We had a laugh when we read that as a group.

I rarely encountered this but I know it did happen, for example with the Karka event I'd have been pissed if the chest was empty. Lets hope it's actually fixed.

Open World vs Dungeon difficulty, can something vary more than that. One is brain dead easy, the other is we take all the baddies in the open world and multiply their HP's x25... So unfun, it's punishing. Very few %'wise can run dungeons at level. Most get their level 80's and then run lower leveled dungeons. Whoever deigned/balance these should be pink slipped.

This one I disagree with. I love how difficult the dungeons are (at least to start, things get easier with experience). I always hated how easy-mode WoW content was, even the later stuff was stupid easy and only took time because folks had to learn the new strategy/wait for the addons to update to make it easier for everyone. I used to go afk playing my hunter in WotLK, even when I wasn't afk I just stood there htiting my 3 macros in turn. Because WoW revolves around dungeons I found it mind-numbing doing the same dungeon that was boring as hell after the first time downing a boss and experiencing what was next.

First time I did AC I got so stomped, I loved it. These dungeons take strategy, timing and skill and with a good group or guild I've had more fun doing this games dungeons than any MMOG since the early days of Everquest. And the whole few % I don't know about that. There are always 50+ people hanging outside AC on the average evening on my server. I would say it might be smart to tone down AC Story, just because I've met so many people who get their asses handed to them doing that the first time and never did another dungeon run again.

Culling, the more they change it the more you want the original code. WvWvW, is anything ever going to happen with it?

Agree on culling, apparently it's fixed internally. Required a pretty hefty code re-write apparently. WvWvW patch is late march, and it's supposedly a big one.

Accumulating Jan/Feb and now Marches... They are supposed to equal the size of other games expansions. March is going to have to be a killer to live up to that whopper. I'm sure it will fizzle enough.

You are the first person I've 'met' who though the content releases for GW2 weren't at the top of the industry, sans perhaps Rift. The game has gained more content in 6 months than WoW does in 2 years, sans expansions (note: I don't count 'added 12 new dailies' as 'content')

The thing is I do like it, but it's sloppy, seemingly unorganized which was everything GW1 wasn't to me. That was tight from day 1.

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