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RAGE Tool Kit

The Bethesda Blog announces the RAGE Tool Kit is now available on Steam for those that want to work on modifications or other new content for RAGE, id Software's recent first-person shooter. Here's word, which notes these are "complex and aimed towards 'technically sophisticated and adventurous' modders":

Later today on Steam we will be releasing the official tool kit for RAGE – the same tools used to create RAGE and it’s DLC, The Scorchers. From the game’s world building tool, idStudio, to game maps and assets, the kit provides everything you need to get started with modding the first-ever idTech 5 title.

Interested? Before you start downloading the hefty 35+ GB file, the RAGE team has provided some documents to read. As described in the welcome document, these tools provided are complex and aimed towards “technically sophisticated and adventurous” modders.

    Welcome to the RAGE Tool Kit

    RAGE Tool Kit FAQ and EULA

To download the kit itself, be on the lookout for the RAGE Tool Kit in the Tools section of Steam (the same place you’d download Skyrim’s Creation Kit).

On behalf of everyone at id, we look forward to seeing your creations. If you have something to share, shoot us an email or share it with our id Software Facebook and Twitter accounts.

29. Re: RAGE Tool Kit Feb 9, 2013, 08:02 pagb
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Feb 9, 2013, 07:42:
My brother bought it for me as a birthday present and I played it day one. There were terrible issues with stuttering, texture streaming and glitches. Then there were the design issues, like the terrible quality textures (seriously, max quality), low polygon objects and dodgy lighting. Then there were the gameplay issues, like a virtual useless autosave implementation, insta-death if you explored freely, terrible AI, invisible walls (they were EVERYWHERE), the terrible vehicle physics, crude inventory system, etc. And of course there's the way that Carmack fucked over the PC community, with mod tools (promised at release) and higher resolution textures (which he said a) existed, and b) were going to be tested as a DLC pack). Finally you have the huge amount of hype.

There were more problems with it than there were redeeming features. Some parts were entertaining - and I managed to complete it - but overall it easily ranks as a shit game.
Your complains are still centered in visuals, so Verno is still right. The visual glithces you show, are Ati's... the texture streaming is a lot worse in borderlands 2... there are racing games with wrose physics... the gameplay "issues" you mention are mostly standard quirks in nowadays FPSs (console FPSs ported for PC ofc). But any other than that, people were unexpainable expecting too much from this game, didn't anyone play doom3? It didn't bring anything new into the scene! And don't tell me "Willits said that" or "Carmack said what"... all the previews and promises made by devs nowadays are pure bs. I remember a chat were Willits said "We have shotguns", I mean... really?

Mad Max RW wrote on Feb 9, 2013, 07:36:
I'm just repeating what the official documentation says. And in case you have to know: 8GB. I had the patience to rebuild AvP1 from scratch with tools that had no official documentation whatsoever. But I do not have patience for most of my modding time devoted to loading a single map. I don't think I'd put up with that if you paid me let alone do it as a hobby.
I know, things like that and having built stuff for older fpss, that's the reasons why I respect modders so much. But still this offering is a lot better than EA's or Activision's mod tools

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