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Saturday Legal Briefs

39. Re: More Big Picture Details Jan 14, 2013, 11:42 RollinThundr
HorrorScope wrote on Jan 14, 2013, 10:34:
Rossafur wrote on Jan 13, 2013, 19:07:
HorrorScope wrote on Jan 13, 2013, 14:43:
This week in CA a person goes in with a shotgun, only shot one and they are are in critical but stable. That is the difference between handgun/rifle/shotgun vs spray and pray guns. Not that someone won't die, but it does limit it. Hence... doing a little better.

Can't believe I still hear people on a daily basis saying they believe that machine-guns are legal, and that's what's being used in these shootings. Full-auto has been illegal for quite awhile for the average citizen to own. The AR-15's and AK-47's you can legally buy in the US are semi-auto, meaning one bullet per pull of the trigger. Most all handguns (for quite a long time now) are semi-auto too (and handguns kill farrrr more people in the US any other type of firearm), and there are semi-auto shotguns as well (though even a pump-action can be fired quickly enough with practice).

Oh, and a shotgun at close range is generally going to be more deadly than an AR-15 (5.56mm/.223 caliber) or many handguns, but of course it depends on where you get hit.

Things that designated weapons as "assault weapons" were basically cosmetic (they "look" scary!) and had nothing to do with the lethality... Pistol grip, bayonet lug (because you hear about all those bayonet attacks going on), flash suppressor (just prevents the shooter from being blinded when firing in the dark), and collapsible/telescoping butt stocks.

Oh and if that guy in Aurora had used the explosives he had set up in his apartment in the theater instead, he probably would have killed a whole lot more people than he did. The worst school killing in American history occurred in 1927, where 44 people were killed by a suicidal farmer with his dynamite-filled car.

We know all of that, yes the style of gun is being attacked. The rifle is more powerful than the handgun. The semi-auto can shoot blistering fast even one pull at a time, many also are mod'd for full auto. Yes it is a "perception" thing on top of it's way overboard, not needed for protection or hunting.

A handgun can fire blistering fast as well. A vehicle can be used as a one ton projectile of death, and was I believe the leading cause of death last year, so should we ban cars? Maybe just the fast vroom vroom red ones? And again the 2nd amendment is not there for "hunting" But you know that.
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