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Out of the Blue

Well, my daring picks last week were as almost disastrous as could be imagined once the word "daring" entered the conversation. My only winner was the Seahawks, but that's good enough for me, since I've heard enough of RG3's perspective just how great everybody thinks he is to last a long time. We still have Ray Lewis doing that, but at least he's done more to earn the enormous self-respect that's his favorite topic of conversation.

Here's what I was able to piece together of last week's results: Verno 4-0; LiTh, Sepharo, Creston, Rigs, and Mag 2-2; and Blue, Jivaro, and Cutter 1-3.

Here goes for the divisional round: Broncos, Seahawks, Patriots, and Packers.

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17. Re: Out of the Blue Jan 11, 2013, 13:43 Creston
Scottish Martial Arts wrote on Jan 11, 2013, 12:44:
The only reason LotR is still so successful is because of the movies and the ensuing games/toys/etc. Try to get any teenager to read the books nowadays and they'll be asleep by page 10.

I got the impression that he would gladly forgo the money and new found popularity of his father's writings if it meant that Middle-Earth hadn't been turned into "an action film for teenagers" as he put it in the interview. Tolkien was a philologist (of Old English, no less) -- that's not a field you go into because you have a great love of or desire for money and fame. From what I can gather, The Silmarillion, and its associated stories, was his chief interest and passion, but no one was willing to publish something that demands a background in the epic poetry of dead Classical and Medieval languages in order to be fully appreciated and understood. Hence, the Hobbit, and subsequently, and due to continued publisher resistance to The Silmarillion, The Lord of the Rings. One of Tolkien's first publications was a volume of poetry called Songs for the Philologists -- the title should make clear whom he envisioned as the audience for his fictional work. As such, I think it's a mistake to think that Tolkien's aim was the creation of a commercial product to generate a profit and everflowing revenue stream for himself and his heirs. Rather, it was the creation of a prose epic that would appeal to those who know Homer and Beowulf well (and hopefully in Greek and Old English) and that would give to England a legendary and mythical alternate history, in the style of the Norse and Ancient Greeks, that would be distinctly English. With that in mind, I can see why Christopher Tolkien is a bit dismayed that Middle-Earth is now chiefly associated with some entertaining, but loud, bombastic, and utterly unsubtle films from a director of great visual imagination but little story telling talent.

There are three problems I have with this entire ongoing saga.

1) JRR himself never meant for all his extended works to be made known to the public at large, much LESS publicized to any extent. It's been Chris Tolkien who has done that. For him to say on one hand "Oh noes, all this literary thrashing of mine father's worketh!" while on the other hand he's publishing something called "The children of Hurin" (from his father's work), that 12 volume "middle earth" series, and making up stuff to put into the Silmarillion so that it became acceptable to a publisher, seems like a load of double speak to me.

2) Sure, it's easy for Chris to sit there and go "Oh, I'd give up all the moneys if only it meant peace for my father's work!" because he's already sitting there, cushy and comfy in the money made from his father's work, and because his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be reasonably cushy and comfy from said money. Especially after the fuckload of books they sold once the movies came out.

If said money wasn't there, how staunch a champion would he be in this regard? Because my guess is, not really all that staunch at all. The fact that he published the Silmarillion, and later other works from his father's notes, seems to indicate that that's really so. (or, for that matter, that he sued the movie company for profits.)

3) I fully understand his problems with the Hobbit movie. It's bullshit. A lot of that stuff was never in the book, and it is solely being added so Jackson can have his three movies of three hours each.

But wtf is his problem with the LOTR movies? Other than a few chronological differences (done for the sake of visual story-telling, as per the appendices of the movies), and a lot more focus on Arwen and Aragorn (which I will agree is a typical Hollywood move), the LOTR movies were a marvelous visual retelling of the book. He's making it out to be like the characters went from Hobbiton straight to Helm's Deep, straight to Minas Tirith, straight to Mordor.

Which is funny, because I could have sworn there's around 15 minutes in the Two towers in which Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas do nothing but just run over some fucking hills in a wide-angle chopper shot. And there's 30 minutes of Bilbo's introduction to the shire and his party. etc etc etc.

The movies stayed very true to the books, imo. Far better than previous graphical iterations of it, with maybe the exception of the Don Bluth animated version.

(And no, leaving out Tom Bombadil doesn't count. The whole Tom Bombadil thing is retarded from a story-telling perspective, and I have no idea how Tolkien's editor didn't tell him to cut it.)

So yeah, I'm still going to go with sour grapes.

Avatar 15604
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