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Out of the Blue

Q: How many Verizon customer service reps does it take to change a phone number? A: We don't know, we haven't gone through enough of them yet. After three full working days, Verizon has still not managed to assign the right number to one of our phone lines. Here's a paraphrase of an actual conversation (an hour after I started by asking for a supervisor and getting roped into letting him try): Him: "We have to send another technician to fix this." Me: "If you had to change the number of the line I'm talking to you on, would you have to send anyone?" Him: "No." Me: "Okay, I need to speak to your supervisor." Him: "Mr. Jones will call you back in 24-48 hours." Me: "I need to speak with your disconnection department." Disconnection department: "Please give us thirty minutes and we promise to get this all taken care of." (without having to send a tech). So far they are about 18 hours over and counting on their 30 minute fix. I'd like to think they care that I am recounting their incompetence online, but it really seems like they don't really care much about anything.

Here is what I can piece together of the disorganized postings of last week's NFL picks: Verno 12-4, Creston 11-5, Mag 11-3-? (skipped a pick and selected Dolph Lundgren), Blue and Jivaro 9-7, Cutter 9-6 (skipped a pick), Rigs 8-8, and Batman 8-6 (can't find two of his picks). Here's what my dartboard came up with for this week: Falcons, Packers, Texans, Buccaneers, Redskins, Saints, Chargers, Panthers, Dolphins, Steelers, Patriots, Colts, Broncos, Giants, Bears, and Seahawks.

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8. Re: Out of the Blue Dec 20, 2012, 11:17 Paranoid Jack
Blue, I hope it will be resolved soon. You may want to have them active a new service/number and then when they figure it out have them port your old number over.

The telco giants are all the same. Not comforting, I know, but I suspect it is all part of a bigger problem. They have split their internal work groups into so many sections that nobody... except the most senior techs can get anything accomplished. Part of the issue is they are trying to work around or remove the existing regulations set in place by the government. The other part is that they are trying to kill off the Unions. So all their new products are deemed non-regulated and segregated to new work groups that are all contract employees with no benefits. And we all know that contractors that are not directly hired by you have no repercussions so they know no matter how bad their customer service is it will never come back to bite them.

Several years ago I would active dial tone over fiber with one call if it didn't automatically flow through when I activated the optical network terminal at the premise. Now I have to call or instant message between half a dozen and a dozen reps until I get one of them to stop passing me off or claiming its not their job. Last time I had an issue it took me three to four hours and two visits to the premise to get a second service working correctly.

I'm not one for bigger government but there is only one thing that is going to get the big three to stop putting share holders first... regulating the Internet. By which I mean data of any kind to include cellular services. Once they are facing fines/loss of revenue due to their poor management of the services they will be forced to improve or fix the broken support systems they have put into place.

I'm also stuck between the Union and company. I think the Union is a necessary evil and losing them would only effect us all in a negative way. Now if we could only get the Unions to wake up and see their demise correlates to their effectiveness. From what I have witnessed personally they have become as corrupt as the companies they are there to keep in check. Some of their leaders run their locals like mob bosses protected under the non-profit banners they wave every time they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Anyway, Blue, you may find that canceling the service just to have them reactivated by a competent business office rep may also fix the issues. I've used that approach on several occasions. The trick is getting a rep willing to do it. Either way I wish you luck and remind you that once they have figured out their programing issues it will all be worth it.
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