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Morning Metaverse

27. Re: Morning Metaverse Dec 19, 2012, 16:02 Creston
Beamer wrote on Dec 19, 2012, 12:02:
Creston, just sit and imagine yourself as an HR recruiter for a second. To step back, you need to imagine that you're a 26 year old girl for this part.

I don't have to. I am good friends with several. I asked one who works for Teksystems: "do you use social media to vet candidates?"


"Would you ever deny a suitable candidate offhand because they have no social networking accounts?"


What more do you want? I get that you think that everyone in the world won't hire someone if they're not on facebook because you won't hire a gardener if they don't have facebook, but this is not how corporations work.

A hiring manager comes to you and says he needs someone that has a bachelor's degree and 3 years of finance experience. He hands you a job description and 3 days later you have 1500 resumes sitting there. You use some automated software that sifts out the obviously unqualified ones. You're left with 300 resumes.

Yes, I'm sure you'll get 1500 qualified resumes. Oookay.

You print out the first 20. 10 of them are immediately unqualified or overqualified. The other 10? All identical. So you pop up and look for them on LinkedIn. A few are there with recommendations. You see their pictures. You look for them on Facebook. A few aren't there, either. You now know nothing about them. One has a picture of himself holding a gun. You now know you don't want him. The others just have smiling faces showing a hint of personality.

The hiring manager wants you to bring 3 people in. You're going to go with one of those nice, smiling faces.

Yes, Beamer, this is what YOU do. This is not what someone who needs a highly skilled candidate for their company does.

Sorry, fight reality all you want, it's the truth. This isn't to say it's impossible to get a job without Facebook, but you hate it so much you refuse to believe that it's a tool that recruiters use and find very useful. It's your head in the sand, nothing less.

Stop fucking making shit up, Beamer. I don't hate Facebook. I understand why people use it, and I can see its value for these people. I still think the large majority of them are stupid for allowing Facebook to rape their privacy, and it baffles me that they still don't understand that they are simply there to be sold to advertisers, but that's not here nor there.

I don't use social media because I don't have time to keep up with the shit.

I'm not saying that you'll be brought in, sat down, interviewed, then if you don't have a Facebook you'll be denied. I'm saying that, when a recruiter has hundreds of equally acceptable resumes, he or she will check Facebook before passing the resumes on or calling people in to interview. And, of course, 95% of those resumes won't even be looked at other than an automated screening. It's simply too high a volume for each to be considered once a dozen or so qualified candidates are already found.

If a person has a social media account, a reviewer will look at it, yes. Of course they would. Why wouldn't they? It's right there. I've never denied this.

If a person doesn't have a social media account, no corporation is going to go "OMG ITS A PSYCHOPATH DO NOT HIRE HIM!" unless it's a complete, retarded shithole.

Because, funny enough, I have no problem getting interviews and getting jobs, despite having zero social media accounts. Neither do several of my colleagues who, like me (admittedly all old crotchety IT guys), also don't have time for it or don't see the point. Guess what? Their resumes are enough to get them an interview, which is all they need.

Now, if you are solely talking about like college graduates or something, okay, I can maybe see a company taking a pass on someone of that age and who doesn't use social media, because they have nothing else to go on.

I list more than a dozen professional references on my resume, and you think that because I don't have a picture next to my name on Facebook, nobody will hire me?

Well, whatever. Keep enjoying your fantasy, and I'll keep enjoying my salary.

I also read the four links you posted.

#1 says that there's basically no correlation, that it's all based on extremely small sample sizes, and that in fact companies might want to hire people WITHOUT social media accounts, because their personality traits are more likely to indicate they are hard workers. (Also, someone without a social media account isn't going to waste three hours a day updating their status. Instead, I waste time on bluesnews, which we can all agree is far better!)

#2 is from some hipster blogger on Forbes who, while she says that she thinks the (retarded) German link to two mass murderers having no facebook account is a "bit of a stretch", she really does kind of believe that that really is a correlation you can make. Then she quotes two people from FUCKING SLATE of all places, who say that if a guy has no facebook page, you really shouldn't date them.

Solid evidence there. It's not really even an article. It's a Slate/Forbes circle jerk. "Well, the people from slate agree with my randomly assumed position, so I'm going to quote them and go "SEE?! OTHER PEOPLE THINK THE SAME THING TOO!" and hope they will then quote me and we can keep on having our big wordkake party! SQUEE!"

#3 is from the same hipster, and this time she quotes a research study where they research which COLLEGE STUDENTS someone would hire / would not hire based off their facebook page. This immediately gets disqualified, because it breaks your own implied standard that you get 1500 evenly qualified resumes. A college student has no resume is not going to be judged the same way as someone who has 10+ years experience in their field. Whether that 10 year experience guy has a fucking smiling picture on Facebook or not.

And then #4 is the laziest of all 'journalism', someone who quotes the hipster blogger from #2 and draws conclusions from that, because well shit, if Kashmir Hill says it, IT MUST BE TRUE! SHE EVEN QUOTED SLATE! Rolleyes

Ergo, Latin, your point is pointless. But keep on believing it. Doesn't hurt me in the slightest. but kindly refrain from saying "Well, nobody has ever said anything beyond "FACEBOOK IS STUPID!" as a counter-argument" because this is now the second time I have made this exact argument.


This comment was edited on Dec 19, 2012, 16:21.
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