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Out of the Blue

35. Re: This Dec 15, 2012, 22:59 Lesaonar
Prez wrote on Dec 15, 2012, 22:17:
Kudos to you for your work with Autistics! Speaking strictly about Autism, a friend of ours has an "Autistic" son who the state just took custody of by court order because in a violent fit he put his mom and one of her house guests in the hospital and it was ruled that he is a danger to himself and others and that she can't control him.. These fits of his have been very common throughout his, but he is 17 now and a pretty big kid. You'll notice I put "Autistic" in quotes because what this woman has learned is that in recent years it has come to the attention of many medical groups that Autism is quickly becoming one of the most misdiagnosed mental disabilities in the field of mental health. So, while you may very well be correct in saying that true Autism is not generally associated with violent or sociopathic behavior, it is very possible that a person who has been diagnosed with autism could easily display these traits simply because it was an incomplete or incorrect diagnosis. Also, it isn't like the news media ever vets anything like this before they just throw it out there for public consumption.

All special needs kids have the ability to have "fits" like that. It's not specific to the autism spectrum. The fit that you're talking about is not something that is planned (collecting guns and going to a school). It's something that happens due to varying factors (frustration, illness, over stimulation etc.), but it's always immediate and the focus is always on one or 2 people. But you'll never find a single psychologist or pychiatrist that will give an Autistic a diagnosis of sociopath. It also depends where on the spectrum a child, or adult, is. The fit you're describing tends to happen with lower functioning Autistics due to the aforementioned issues. Aspergers is high functioning autism. Most people with Aspergers end up with university degrees and/or are in the genius IQ range.
Mental health professionals shouldn't be diagnosing Autism either, perhaps that's the problem in the states. Up here in Canada it is a team based approach with both mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioural consultants and psychiatric nurses) as well as medical specialists and the family GP. From what I know, from meeting with the broad range of health professionals, that it's actually the opposite. A lot of Autistics, especially those that would fall into Aspergers category, tend to be misdiagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses. But these tend to be those that are higher functioning. When I was a teenager, 30 years ago, a lot of higher functioning Autistics were diagnosed with ADD/ADHD due to certain aspects of Autism being very similar to ADD/ADHD. Those kids never improved due to misdiagnosis and a good majority of them ended up living in mental health institutions. That's one of the issues with Autism, it's a spectrum disorder.

The news media is nothing more than sensationalism for profit especially in situations like this. Did you even read the article that Blue linked? Their business is to sell news and over the last 10yrs that means sensationalism. A perfect example is "bathsalts zombie". If they called it for what it was, a drug overdose, people would'nt even bother to read it. These school shootings are no different.
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