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Game Reviews

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7. Re: Game Reviews Dec 14, 2012, 12:38 Fion
The things I do like about FC3 include;

The healing system. FC2/3's healing system is so much better and more interactive than most FPS auto-healing.

The AI is very solid. Enemies will actively flank you and flush you out with grenades/molotovs and the stealth system isn't instant invisibility.

And of course the simple fact that it is a sandbox, and that I can approach a lot of it how I wish. When taking bases I can be Rambo or Solid Snake, and anything in between.
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6. Re: Game Reviews Dec 13, 2012, 18:03 Shataan
I prefered FarCry 1s focus on just being a game. No way too indepth inventory RGP shiz. Hated FC 2. What a waste of a game.

"I played for 4 hours and gave up."

Same here man. I deleted it after 4 hours, cause I was under the impression that I could play this game any way I wanted to. But, I reinstalled and went more with playing it by the Storyline..... missionswise. The game imho needs to be played this way.

You can`t rush how you get weaps etc etc etc. It has to progress a certain way. When I played it this way, everything fell into place. And progressing... weap gathering, crafting etc feels alot better now. Less clunky that what I was experiencing the 1st goround.

Is it a perfect implimentation? Nope. But there is WAY more actual gameplay and game world immersion here than all the generic sub 6 hour crap we have been having to put up with from MOST of the Top game devs socalled AAA titles in the last 5+ years.

Sweet dx11 visuals, awesome character acting ala Vaas... beautifully done weaps/sounds the list goes on and on... there is alot to love about FarCry 3 inspite of some areas where it falters. MANY cool ideas in FC 3. A very cool offering. Where other Devs make boastfull promises and fail, FC 3s devs actually do deliver the goods.
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5. Re: Game Reviews Dec 13, 2012, 16:13 Quboid
I preferred Far Cry 2, despite its flaws for some reason it felt more unique. Perhaps because of the setting, as FC3 is basically Just Cause 2 without the grappling hook. Still, it's good fun.

I wasn't impressed with FC3 at first when I was mainly just hunting for upgrades (which is a slightly retarded mechanic but hey), I started enjoying it a lot more when I played it in a more even style, doing different types of mission rather than trying to max out my equipment.
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4. Re: Game Reviews Dec 13, 2012, 14:35 ItBurn
Mediocre? Really? No ammo? Complaining about boars???

Anyway, once again, I agree 100% with the review. The main annoyance for me is that you become a god too soon and there's nothing to unlock or buy. Which is ok I guess because the gameplay is good.
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3. Re: Game Reviews Dec 13, 2012, 14:22 Fion
Don't worry Nin I'm with you on this one. The game is mediocre IMHO, though I'm only like 8 hours into it and have only done a handful of story missions.

If the year had been mediocre for gaming I probably would have liked it better, but we've had so many amazing games this year already. From
Torchlight 2 to Guild Wars 2, Dishonored, Walking Dead, Borderlands 2, Mark of the Ninja. Even Mass Effect 3 if you discount the ending.
This game just isn't good enough to be noticed amongst the crowd frankly.

And yea wtf is up with boars? You need their skins for perhaps the most important upgrade early in the game.. ammo capacity. I've unlocked 2/3 of the map (I was told to unlock the map early) and have yet to see a boar icon on the map or see one in the game world. I practically have every single other upgrade accept the ones that require a rare skin, and I have several of those!
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2. Re: Game Reviews Dec 13, 2012, 13:33 Verno
You can buy ammo and money is incredibly easy to make. Hunting is mainly for obtaining the skin/hides for upgrades. I hate to be that guy but you were doing it wrong. The mistake people make with Far Cry 3 is trying to do all of the side stuff first, just fuck around for a bit and then go do some missions, rinse repeat.

Don't get me wrong, the game has problems but people not having ammo isn't a real one. I have the opposite problem, ammo is so easy to come by and I have so much weaponry that I'm a one man army who can roll over everything.
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1. Re: Game Reviews Dec 13, 2012, 13:26 nin
(I'm sure I'll get shit for this, but I can only relay my own personal experiences:)

I played for 4 hours and gave up. Maybe I should have focused more on the story missions, but I was trying to get to the point where I could hold more than one or two guns, and a decent amount of ammo. Which meant I spent the entire 4 hours fucking hunting...and being harassed by red shirts and dogs, and running out of ammo while trying to hunt. By the end, I was ready to scream. In some perverse twist of fate, I spent an hour trying to find boars (hello, Southpark WOW episode!) and all I could find were regular pigs (despite it being marked on the map, and me seemingly being in the right spot).

So if you like hunting simulators, knock yourself out. I'm clearly in the minority for not liking it, I'll admit that. But having to hunt/craft in order to carry more ammo, carry more guns (of which 4 is the max? DNF called!), carry more CASH (I shit you not, you have to craft new wallets, as the one you're carrying can only hold so much money), carry more arrows, or carry more grenades (and believe me, the list goes on and on) is a waste of my time...
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7 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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